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First and foremost… I just appliqued my first CHRISTMAS tee today! This customer is thinking ahead, which is a great thing!! It’s also nice to think about SNOWMEN when it’s 100 degrees outside! BTW, this shirt  brand is Girlfriends by Anitag!? Very cute and looks like Monag! I’m not sure where she got it but will ask – she also sent a pink one. OK… looks like it is Anita G??
It’s no secret I LOVE Sew What Pro (and that they SHOULD be paying me a commission)! I thought I’d take a shot of “what it looks like” on my computer screen for those of you who have never seen or heard of it! is where you get it ~ download the 30 day trial and if you decide to purchase, it’s $65! I use it EVERY SINGLE TIME I do ANYTHING! Even when I do Applique Cafe samples, I pull the design up first in SWP. Maybe it’s habit? I just like to see it nice and big on my computer screen! Anyway… You OPEN the first design, and as you can see I MERGE-d in a name (which I did with Monogram Wizard Plus first and saved it on my computer). You can also buy the embroidery fonts off the internet and merge the letters together with SWP. On the right you see the thread chart and # of steps in this particular design. I ignore the thread colors and use what I want, but it’s nice to see 12 steps (or however many your design is). 
Here is a shot of what you see when you click on the thread chart on the right. It shows you what THAT step is! You can also edit designs this way – just click on the scarf and delete it, for example!

Hope that helps a little! In my years of doing this, SWP is the cheapest program I’ve heard of that will do what it does! There are fancy designer programs out there and I’m sure they are fabulous, but this is what I use and recommend (especially for the price)!

*Regarding the comment, yes you can adjust the size of the design and add the name or whatever – it is all done on your computer before you finalize and send to your machine! I don’t like to adjust the size too much, but you can! It will not only increase or decrease proportionately, you can also click on the 4 corners and 4 middle dots and drag the box to increase and decrease (see the snowman’s scarf) or make the object wider or skinnier. Hope that makes sense! I’ve heard from one or two other people that the MWP extended features weren’t that great, but I don’t know anything about it!


  1. Lora Turner says

    I really appreciate your blog on how you do the applique's. That helped me so much. I just read this blog regarding the Sew What Pro. I also use the Monogram Wizard program and bought their upgrade Monogram Wizard with extended options but haven't been completely satisfied with that. I do alot of appliques and I resize them once I transfer them to my machine and then add a name, etc. which makes multiple steps for me. I would like software than enables me to resize the design and add the monogram before saving and sending to my machine. Is this an option with this program? Thanks again for your advice.

  2. Anonymous says

    Can't wait to hear more about the tee. It is SUCH a cute blank!!

  3. Sally Jennings says

    When I purchased my machine, I have PE-Design and (have not idea how to use it) besides appliques and adding fonts. My trouble is the fonts don't stitch out too well. Is that because I have not purchased separate fonts? Or, does this program allow me to use my true type fonts from other design items?

    If I need to purchase fonts, that's okay; I am just figuring it all out.

    Thanks so much for your knowledge sharing!

    Any help is appreciated!

  4. Em and her BOYS!! says

    I just wanted to let you know how fabulous your blog is!! For some reason, I haven't visited it until today…I have, however, purchased several designs from Applique Cafe. Your designs are precious…I love their simplicity. It makes them SO cute!! Thanks so much for all of your tidbits of info…I am looking into SWP as well.
    Emily Porter

  5. Thanks so much for this post. I have been looking into getting SWP and am glad to see the work that can be done with the program. I want to be able to add names to the designs as well but don't want to spend much on a separate program. What do you suggest? Thanks again for this post. It really helped!!

  6. Hi Rosemary! I love your blog and read it daily! If I purchase SWP, will I also need to purchase the Monogram Wizard in order to mesh online bought fonts to the appliqué designs?
    Thanks in advance,
    Nicole 🙂

  7. Anonymous says

    The shirts can be found are available from
    The website does not show the tee, but call the 800 number to get the info. Comes in many colors, $20.

  8. Can you open/merge multiple font files at once with SWP? I could hold down my command key in another program and open all the letters at once. I’m struggling with this in SWP and looking for a shortcut!

    • If you click View, then Album Icons, it will show the folder on the right side and you can double click (I think) multiple letters. Or at least it’s a little quicker. Try it and see if that helps!

  9. Hi,
    I am looking to learn how to split an applique so I can use my larger prepositional hoop. I saw a video on utube but I cant seem to get figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The video had no sound.

    Thank you,

  10. Michelle Cooley says

    I have a sew what pro question. The computer that I use to embroidery with is really on its last leg but I plan on using it until it just doesn’t work anymore. Can you use sew what pro on more than one computer? Would it be helpful to buy the disk or do you log in when you use it?

    • I am not sure about using it on more than 1 computer, but you can definitely still get it if you get a new computer (w/out paying again). I’ve been using it for years and have gotten a new computer in the meantime. If you click HELP and ABOUT SEW WHAT PRO you would see your name and a registration number so that transfers to another computer. Not sure about using it on more than 1 at a time though.

      • Haley DerCola says

        Where do I click HELP and ABOUT SEW WHAT PRO? My computer that I had SWP on cashed and I just bought a new one and need to have it on this computer, how do I do that? I can’t even seem to find SWP website anymore except for the free trial link.

        • Can you see or find the SWP icon on your old computer? You should be able to right click it to see HELP and ABOUT.

        • I just came across this site by accident. If you contact SWP they will send you links AND YOU CAN REQUEST A COPY OF YOUR REGO NUMBERS AS WELL AT THE SAME TIMNE. tHEIR SERVICE IS 100% RELIABLE AND FANTASTIC HELP

  11. Hello…I have been toying with buying a software program for my own embroidery needs/wants. I want something very simple to learn…not a large learning curve that will intimidate me. Does SWP have fonts within the program? Thank you…

  12. Rosemary,
    I just purchased SWP and I have 2 questions.

    1). How do you keep the letters proportionant after you merge? I manipulated them individually as I drug them in and now they are all kind of sizes. lol

    2). I used the letters from the above question to make a saying. The saying has 3 lines of text. I want the second line to be a different color from lines 1 and 3. How can I make the machine know to stop after line one? The only way I know is to just hit the stop button at end of line 1.

    Thanks for any and all advice. Deborah

  13. Kim Pitre says

    I am new to embroidery / applique. I am using the demo version of swp. I find it quite a procedure to put names into a design. click merge, find folder, import fist letter, then, continue this process for each letter until the name is complete. Is this the only way?

    • You can select View, Album Icons – that will open the folder on the right side so you can click on the letters you need. It’s a LITTLE easier! You still have to arrange them and all that. I know it’s a pain – I rarely use SWP for fonts. That’s why I have Monogram Wizard Plus – you type it all in and then select your font, size, etc. Super easy!

      • But can you use purchased fonts on monogram wizard plus?

        • You can only use purchased font if you have MWP Extended Features. But, you are limited to 5 layers I have heard, so you would be limited to what you could merge together – 3 initials or a 5 letter name. In SWP you can merge whatever you like with no limitations.

  14. I have the BES software for my Bernina, but just heard about this SWP and wanted to try it. Is it the same as my BES? I’ve heard from a number of people who appliqué for the public that they use SWP.

  15. Looks like I’m not the only one starting Christmas applique!!! Don’t you just love it? Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for this great post!! The very first design I ever appliqued was one of yours and I got spoiled with the quality! So, when it was time to purchase software, it was your suggestion I felt the most comfortable taking. I appreciate all of the tutorials, beautiful, quality designs and your real world advice. Can’t wait to start using Sew What Pro, and see my business grow!!

  17. Shirley Gaston says

    I purchased SWP some time ago but haven’t used it yet. I need to split designs to use with my Janome 11000 SE and the MA hoop. Do You know if this is possible?

  18. I have a brother 770 in order to monogram other fonts besides the ones on the machine I need SWP and Mono Wizard or just SWP?

    • If you got SWP, you could buy fonts (embroidery) off the internet and merge the letters together. It’s a little bit of work! MWP is great b/c you type the name in, select the font, size, etc. Very easy to work with!! I use both!

  19. Could you PLEASE help me????? After I merge applique letters into one design, my machine (brother PR650) does everything ONE letter at a time. Is there any way to make it put down the guide stiches all at once, so then I could place the fabric over all of it to be tacked down? Then I could cut it all out at once, and then have it do the satin stitch all at once???? Instead of doing everything in pieces ONE LETTER AT A TIME???? Please help!!! This way is taking forever!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  20. Randi Farley says

    Can you change a design to an appliqué with SWP?

  21. can you point me to where i could find out an answer to a small question on swp? am merging 2 designs and want to delete part of 1 and slightly change the other…..have spent quite a while trying to figure it out with no success……thanks!

    • I believe there is a cutting tool somewhere, but I have never used it!

    • Sew what pro is a digitizing program to get design ready to be stitched. In order to edit your design you can do it in the program Sew Art. After you edit it in Sew Art, then you can take it to sew what pro. Hope that helps. Sew Art cost around 65.00.

    • have learned in swp that you can delete threads by right clicking on the color and click delete. It will delete the whole color, not just part of it . There is also an eraser too to erase part of a design. Under edit, click on split design, and a small eraser will show up. Click on the eraser and you can erase part of a design. Playing with it now.

  22. Susan Johnston says

    Please help me understand. If I get SWP can I merge purchase fonts together and add to a purchased designs like you did in the red shirt with the snowman? All I want to do is add my granddaughters name or initials to purchased designs or put her name/initials on shirts, etc. Will SWP work for that? Additionally, why do you use SWP and Monogram Wizard? Why do you use both and what is the difference? Just trying to understand which one to purchase. Please help!

    • Yes, with SWP you can merge fonts together and/or merge a name w/ a design. I use both b/c MWP is a key-type monogramming software. You type in the name or initials, select the font, size, boldness, etc and it’s super easy, and you can change to a different font with a click of a button. Merging fonts together is tedious and takes forever! Plus you are limited to sizes, etc.

      • Susan Johnston says

        Thank you – that helps. One more question – I have merged my granddaughters name in Sew What Pro but when I take it to my machine (Brother PE 770) to stitch out – the letters are very thick and it’s like there are too many threads being used and it ends up tangling up and ruining the design. Is this a Sew What Pro fix or is it my machine? I’d like your thoughts? Thank you again.

  23. I can’t get my Brother se400 to read the embroidery design from my trial SewWhat Pro. Any suggestions?

  24. Help how can I make my applique thicker around?

  25. Love your blog! I’m new to embroidery and just got my first machine, a brother pe770 and love it! I downloaded the free trial of sew what pro, and don’t have a problem saving or pulling up the design on my machine, but the designs are not stitching out neatly at all. Designs that came on the machine are stitching out fine….. I’ve retreaded my machine and bobbin thread but still the same result. Any ideas?

  26. I recently purchased the brother pe770 and question the same. Everyone keeps saying sew what pro, embird or monogram wizard. Which is best to do everything without purchasing multiple programs? I want to monogram and applique. I downloaded demo of swp and easily typed fonts and saved but when i imported into machine it turned out zigzag. I don’t want to waste the money if its going to look like a disaster. I purchased fonts from couple different places and can easily manually stitch them out fine but it seems much easier to do all at once.

    Any help is appreciated.

    • Sew What Pro is strictly for merging and editing and viewing your files. Their true type font part doesn’t work! I use Mono Wiz Plus for names and initials, then I merge them in with a design in SWP. I use both. Not sure if Embird does everything? You can also use SWP to merge bought fonts where each letter is a separate file.

      • Robin Cash says

        so I have been trying to get my true fonts to stitch from Sew What Pro. I noticed your comment that is doesn’t work. Is it not supposed to do that?

      • Trish Walker says

        I have recently added several TTF fonts to the Sew Lettering in SWP, and they have stitched out beautifully. You might want to try it again. The owners of the website are great about updating it and fixing problems. I was actually surprised by the results.

  27. I’m pondering which software to buy..swp..personalize and stitch..edit and stitch..monogram wizard..I have googled and looked at reviews till I am confused. I already have quite a few designs and fonts but have to process each one at a time except for fonts that came on my babylock. I think some said the personaize and stitch would do all swp will plus more and of course it costs over 3 times as much.. any thoughts?

  28. Ronnie Kassaw says

    I have monogram wizard plus extended features. I want to use a split alpha “K” and put my last name in the middle. I can’t seem to get it to work. When I put the split K on the screen, it draws it, but when I type the name in the large box at the bottom, it does not appear. Do I need SWP to do this?

  29. Dawn McBride says

    Rosemary I hope you can help because no one else has been able or willing to. I have a Brother Ellure Plus and recently downloaded the trial SWP. Love it and making my design was easy. The problem is I can’t get it transferred to the machine. Brother suggest using a USB stick but my machine doesn’t have one, It connects from the laptop to the machine. Any and all suggestion would be appreciated.

    • Does it connect via a cord? You would save to your E:/ drive (or whatever external drive your cord is connected to) and it should send it to your machine that way.

  30. I have downloaded the trail version of SWP and I have MWP as well. My question is in SWP I have merged together two images (one princess and one applique number 4), is there a way to erase the stiches under the number if I have it slightly overlapping the princess? Also, after I have merged in the name created with MWP is there a way to center it above the design besides dragging and trying to eyeball it? I am new and still trying to learn both programs.

  31. I watched your you tube videos – although I only dream of a 6 needle machine ( have a deco340) why do you have to put in stops? I thought that all purchased applique designs had built in stops to color change? Are you putting in stops on your you tube demos because you just digitized a new design?
    Question 2: I bought Sew What Pro to merge MW with designs – would buying the “extended features” on MW do the same and be more convenient?

    • Single needle machines WILL stop with color changes, but on a multi needle you program them in so that your machine can also stitch different colors without stopping. Like if I were stitching an embroidery design with 4 different colors and there was no need to stop between colors, it would stitch it all without stopping b/c the machine just changes needles. With applique of course you have to stop to place fabric down, trim fabric, etc.

      On the other question, I have always had SWP (before extended features even came out). SWP is cheaper and I have heard it’s more user friendly than extended features, but I have never tried EF so that’s just what I’ve heard.

  32. SWP really can do a lot – I need to experiment more. Love MW too. l just moved into a retirement community and have joined have a machine embroidery interest group. (there is a group for everything here in Sun City Carolina Lakes!) It’s great to have a convenient support and inspiration base. Next meeting I’ll ask around about what they use and prefer.
    I love your designs and use them often for my 5 granddaughters -the 2 male grandchildren are now 12 and too old for trucks and animals.

  33. So glad I found this blog! I am still learning how to use SWP but am quite pleased with it so far! I have a Brother se400 which only came with a 4×4 hoop. I was to do a large applique design on a shirt. I took a 5×7 design & used the split stitch feature on SWP to divide it in 2 so it will work in my 4×4 hoop…Is it even possible to do this? All the tutorials I find show people splitting embroidery designs, but can’t find any on splitting appliques. I have just recently mastered the applique process, & just don’t see how my technique will work with my split design. Does any of this make sense? Any tips for me??

  34. Hi everyone, I am the owner of the SewWhat Embroidery Software YG and I just finished reading all of the many questions about SewWhat-Pro (SWP). Wow, you do have a lot of questions and my group is the place to find them. The group is an on-topic support group for all of the Sew programs that are developed by S & S Computing. We do not allow ads and do try to stay on-topic as much as possible. I feel there are enough regular embroidery groups that answer general questions so we stick with dedicated support to the Sew Programs.

    If you are interested in joining, here is the web address. Put something in the comments regarding SWP and you will be approved. Just copy this entire link in your address bar and click the enter button.

    It should be noted that the group is the original and only group that is monitored by the owner/developer of the software. He replies to questions as both Gwen (the moderator) and I do.

    Sounds like the main question is merging designs and especially letters. We try to differentiate between fonts and letters since SWP will handle both. A font is what is saved on your computer and normally is called a TrueType font or Clear Type font and is mainly used in Word, emails, etc. Your machine cannot read these. A letter is a font that has been digitized into an embroidery design and your machine can read it.

    I would first suggest that you update to the current version which is 3.6.3. It you have a much older version, you will need to uninstall through Control Panel and then go to the website and download/run the current version. Also, check in ‘about’ to make sure you now have the new version. Also, if you don’t have ‘auto update’ checked, check that and you will be notified when there is a new update.

    In SWP you can merge designs by clicking on file, open a design and then clicking file/merge. This is great for adding one design, but not good when you need to merge multiple letters since it is time consuming. In SWP, you will
    1) open a design
    2) click on view/album icon and that changes the project panel to the right to a list showing all of the letters that are in that folder.
    3) at the top of that column, if you click on ‘alphabet mode’ that will condense all of those letters so you can see all of them.
    4) click the letters in the order you need them and they will appear in line side by side in the hoop in the workspace. They will be spaced correctly and line up even. Note: you will need to change the hoop size to accommodate the length of the word/name.
    5) make sure you do a save as and change the name so you don’t overwrite your original letters.
    6) always test stitch your design before sewing on your original item. This will definitely save the cost of a shirt or whatever.

    The program does far more than just merge designs, it will recolor using the thread manufacturer thread pallet, resize with density adjustment, density adjustment only, change the width of satin stitch, merge, write to a D1 Floppy, write to various other media just as the Janome 350e and 11000 and 11000SE. Note: it will not write to cards which some machine have. You can still use SWP, but have to open your reader/writer software to get the designs and save them to the card. It also has a lettering function that uses TrueType fonts to creates words/phrases. There are some people that like it while others can’t get it to work. I think one person mentioned splitting designs, yes it does and also for the Janome Macro hoop. I know it works because I have the 11000SE.

    The program has a 30 day OR 60 save demo period. This means when the limit of either has been reached, the program won’t work any longer unless you buy the license.

    You are allowed to have the program installed on 2 machines in the same house and used by the same person.

    You might want to also consider SewWrite lettering program. This will work in conjunction with SWP and when you have saved your word/phrase, it will open in SWP (or another editing program) and you can merge, or whatever you need to do. This program has almost 50 alphabets (digitized letters) built in the program and more are added periodically. There are also alphas that can be purchased on our Moderator’s site to install in the program. Like Monogram Wizard, you cannot install alphas that are purchased as regular design files.

    There are numerous videos on both the group and the S & S Computing website that answer a lot of the questions you have. There is one that shows you how to remove the

    Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you.

    Sorry this was so long, but wanted to make sure I helped those that are having problems.

    Judy Faulkner (List Mom of SewWhat Embroidery Software YG)
    SW Florida – USA

  35. If you have a question about Sew What Pro or any of he Sands Computing Products suggest you join their yahoo group, SewWhatEmbroidery. SWP is a terrific program, I would be lost without it. For lettering they have Sew Write (haven’t tried that one yet) and for digitizing, Sew Art (haven’t tried that one yet). What’s so neat about their products is the 30 day free trial period and the fact that they give superior support. The yahoo group gives the best customer support available in my opinion. I am looking forward to the time when life slows down enough for me to try Sew Write and Sew Art.

    Did I mention that they give free updates and No dongle! With SWP you can split designs, merge, cut, re-size, change thread stitch out order, thread colors, view in 3D with background color changes, write on a curve. They have the neatest function called alphabet mode, where as you type purchased fonts the letters fall into order within the design. Also if you wish to re-position within a design, just highlight the area and drag into a new position.

    Try it, you will be pleased.

    Janice N

  36. I have a Janome Memory Craft 200E with the Monogram Wizard Plus. I am wanting to do some appliqués since I have a new granddaughter. I have never appliqué before, not even tried!

    My question is can I appliqué with my machine by purchasing the Sew What Pro.
    I have many many different fabrics from my quilting days. I get the main idea behind it, you have to know the order to layer fabric.

    I will anxiously await your reply.

    • You don’t HAVE to have Sew What Pro, but it might be helpful in that you could SEE the design on your computer screen and break it apart by clicking on the thread chart (steps) on the right. It would show you each step. There is also a thread chart in the design zip file that shows an image of each step. If you have an embroidery machine you can do the designs. The software is just helpful in SEEING what you are doing other than the tiny machine screen. THen once you get the hang of it, you could use SWP to merge a name or initials with the design.

      • Rosemary, thank you so so much for the reply! I think I might try the free 30 trial, just to see and if I like it potentially get it just so it would be easier.
        Again thank you!

  37. Hi Rosemary,

    I just want to say how impressed I am with you. With all aspects you mention from family to your embroidery business and tutorials. I have a masters in accounting (so I’m so not a crafty person) and worked in this field for 11 years until after my first baby was born 2 years ago. Last Christmas my husband gave me a Brother PE 770. He thought I’d enjoy embroidering things for our girls, second daughter is 1. I know little about sewing so this embroidery machine made me nervous. After 8 months of owning it, I finally watched online tutorials and it helped me embroider names on 22 aprons for an art party. I moved on to towels. Now, I want more fonts and to learn how to applique etc. Looking online I quickly learned some software would be handy if I want to buy designs from etsy and other sources but didn’t know where to start. That’s how I found your blog. I’m feeling so optimistic now that I can and will make beautiful items and I don’t feel so alone when it comes to how to do this stuff! Thank you so much for all the info you share. You are very kind to answer so many questions!

  38. One more question. Rosemary, do you ever manually adjust Density or do you let MWP recalculate that on its own as you adjust sizing of the letters?

  39. I am getting ready to switch from 4D software to something else and really appreciate the info on Sew What Pro. One of the features of 4d that I really like is the ability to pull up pictures of all my designs in each category. So when I click “Applique” and then “Halloween”, I can see all my saved designs and choose the one I want to embroider. Is there an equivalent feature in SWP? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

  40. I have Brother and Babylock machines and have been using PE Design and Monogram Wizard (an older version) for the last four years. The card reader module died last night. (insert gasps and tears here)
    I am looking for something to replace it and really leaning towards SWP. How do you transfer the designs off your software to the machine? I’m accustomed to the card. How large of a design will I be able to create in SWP? In PE Design, it will not let me transfer a design larger than 5×7.

    • SWP has hoop options for every format, all hoop sizes. I save to a thumb drive on my computer (E:/ drive) and then put the thumb drive in my machine. Does your machine have USB cord or outlet to put a thumb drive in??

    • I had been using an old PE Design with a card reader. My embroidery machine will only take the card. I now have a new laptop and can not use the PE Design with out purchasing it again. I purchased the SWP (which I love) and for the card reader I purchase PED-Basic. PED-Basic comes with a card reader and a new card. It is used only to transfer designs to your card. Use the SWP for your designs and then save them. Then you will open your PED Basic and transfer to the card. This works great for me. If your machine will only sew up to a 5×7 that is all you will be able to transfer and the machine read. If you do have the hoop that is the repositioning hoop you will save your design in SWP and it will save as Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3. (be sure to select correct hoop) When you open it in PED-Basic you will transfer all pages but transfer them as 5×7 images. (top left show hoop sizes) Hope this helps.

  41. I have been sewing for over 20 years but I ordered my PE770 last week and literally just opened the box. Could you give me any advice? I am looking into the software you mentioned but I am looking for general info. What thread and stabilizer do you prefer? Basically… where should I start? I would appreciate any information you would be willing to share.

  42. I just downloaded the Sew What Pro 30 day trial offer. Well, I am not computer literate however my daughter is and made some really cute designs from it, so needless to say I will be ordering this software and in the mean time getting her to teach me to use it!

  43. Thanks for the advice. My question is regarding MWP. I have the MWP with extended features, but I cannot figure ot how to import fonts that I have bought from internet sites other than the MWP site. Can you help me?

  44. Hi Rosemary,
    I am in need of new embroidery software. I downloaded the SWP trial, but was unable to find a way to change from fill stitch to satin stitch (or vice versa). Is there are way to do this on SWP? If not, can you recommend software that has this capability? My editing needs consist of being able to resize, combine designs, change stitch type, and change density. I appreciate any advice that you can offer!!!

    • You can’t really adjust purchased fonts. If a font is digitized as satin then you can’t change it to fill in SWP and vice versa. In Monogram WIzard Plus, you can switch from satin to fill. You can also change the boldness, size, etc of the fonts. It’s a font program. You might use SWP to do the combining of designs.

  45. Does the trial for Sew What Pro allow you to actually stitch out a design? I downloaded the Letter It demo and had no luck actually stitiching a name out.


  46. HI! I am brand new to embroidery and I’m trying to find the right software for my needs. My problem is that I don’t really NEED it since this is a fun hobby for me, so I’m not interested in spending so much as Embird and these other crazy programs cost (like $100 and up). So I found Sew What Pro and to my baby-embroiderer mind it seems perfect for me (basically I want to do three letter monogramming, simple words, and appliques). My only question is whether or not I HAVE to purchase the other modules? Like in order to do words and stuff do I HAVE to purchase the “Lettering” software? Or will the stand alone $65 dollar SewWhatPro do it just fine?

    Thank you!!

    • SWP is great and cheap and might work for you! The only thing w/ SWP for fonts is merging each and every letter together. Another lettering software would be faster! But, it depends on if you want to spend the money or spend more time merging!?

  47. I have MW+. I can bring in designs that I purchased with it and can add names/monograms up to 4 letters from other purchased fonts. With SWP can you add more letters?

    • Yes! With SWP you can merge as many letters as you like! There are no limits. I assume in MWP you are merging in layers?

      • Yes. There are 5 layers. I can bring in designs on 1st and add letters for names with 4 more. Sometimes that is not enough! I also have purchased a couple of fonts from other sources. I can use them as 3 letter monograms and up to 5 letter names. I would love to be able to bring in more fonts from different places for names. Is that possible with SWP?

        • Yes, with SWP you can merge in 50 letters if you want to! There is no limit or layers. You merge together what you want (10 letters for example) and then arrange them!

    • I have MW+ but I do not know how to pull in purchaded fonts. Is there a tutorial video or instructions on how to do this?

      • You would need Extended Features to be able to pull in purchased fonts! Check out Sew What-Pro also – that’s what I use and it’s cheaper with less limitations.

  48. Hi Rosemary,

    Great blog! So helpful. Do you know how to delete one stitch? I am confused by earlier posts as to how to delete just one stitch at a time. I am monogramming and there are a couple stitches that are outside the pattern (because I enlarged it) and not needed and they are not jump stitches.

    Many Thanks,


  49. Hi! I’m a newbie to this & am finding your blog so helpful! My question is- do I HAVE to purchase software in order to do a name & an applique design together on the same item? Is there any way to do this w/out buying a software program? Thanks so much!

    • You can always sew the design first, then rehoop and do the name or initials underneath. Sew What Pro is very cheap though – $65 and you can try it for 30 days for free! I highly recommend it!

  50. Pam Fulford says

    Rosemary…Please help..How do you upload a letter file from jump drive to SWP for a 3 letter monogram?

    • You would need to open SWP program, then OPEN the first letter form your jump drive (mine is E:/ drive on my computer) and then merge in each additional letter. Does that make sense?

  51. Hi there! I know this is kind of off-topic but I needed
    to ask. Does operating a well-established website such as yours take a
    massive amount work? I am brand new to running a blog however I do write in my diary daily.

    I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my own experience and feelings online.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for new aspiring blog owners.

  52. Hi,
    I am wondering if any lettering software may be used with SWP i.e. Letter It by Amazing Designs? Also, how does SWP recognize the lettering software. I want to purchase one, but I MW is not in my budget.

  53. Thanks. Have you heard anything about how well Sew Write works?

  54. I have the sew what pro and ped- basic. Could you please tell me how to save it to my computer so it will open in my ped-basic? I have been struggling with this for hours and can not get it to save where it will open it.

    • Save the design after I edit it, is what I meant.

    • I have honestly not used PED Basic in YEARS!!! Do you just save it to a folder on your computer in PES format? Then can you open that folder or view the files through PED Basic??

    • Jessi Jenkins says

      I am having the same problem. I cannot figure out how to save a design from Sew What Pro and save it to the PED Basic card. Did either of you ever figure out how to do this?

      • Jessi Jenkins says

        I use Monogram Wizard plus as well as Sew What Pro. I have been able to save designs from MWP to the PED-Basic card, but I cannot figure out how to do it on SWP.

  55. Please Help I have purchased new fonts and want to add the them SewWhat Pro but not able to…..I have looked at the Manual but still having trouble. It says for font permanently installed go to Control Panel/Fonts and use Windows Font Installer…Can’t fine that either and for temporarily add font not sure how to do that ……Have some new fonts would loves to use in the monogram initials of 3 letters like you put on shirts……. PLEASE HELP..

    • You have to OPEN the first letter want to use, then merge in each additional letter. I’m not sure if there is a way to permanently install bought fonts? You can also select View Album Icons. That opens the font file you are using and displays each letter on the right where the thread chart is. Then you can select each letter. I did a blog post on this recently. Search TAG Sew What Pro!

      • Thank you , Rosemary……… I will try that …..I have another question how to make a name sew all at once after you saved it to you file ? When I start I have to start each letter when one stops …is there anyway this can be done …I’ve already tried the all stitched at once on the program when I’m making a name but still it starts & stops after each letter.. Please Reply …Thank you , Teresa

  56. Once you purchase a applique design, that is a instant download. Are you able to fill stich?

  57. Hello there! Quick question that’s completely off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My weblog looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. I’m trying to ffind a theme or
    plugin that might be able to resolve this issue.

    If you have any recommendations, please share. Appreciate it!

  58. Danielle says

    Hi Rosemary! I stumbled across your website while researching reviews for Sew What Pro. Im fairly new to embroidery and im looking at different software to merge fonts purchased online. In Der to do that would I need to purchase the Monogram Wizard in addition to Sew What Pro?

    Thanks in advance for any advise you can offer!

    • Danielle says


    • Danielle, if you are looking to purchase fonts online and merge them together, SWP would do the trick! MWP is strictly a font program and it’s a little easier way to do names and initials, but if you are new and just want to get started, I would start with SWP since it’s so inexpensive. You may want to invest in a good font software later!

  59. Hello, I looking everywhere for embroidery software’s but I don’t want spend tons of Money for it, so I found your Blog here, but I have some questions before I buy this one.
    Can I create my own appliqué designs with it and sell them as well?
    Do I need the other programm sew art to or would sew what pro do it all?
    I have a Brother where I can only use a 4×4 hoop and my machine let me only use short words depending on the size I use with the letters on the machine and they are not as nice stitched out as the ones I have on my Computer but with them I can’t even embroider a whole Name evenly, so can I use this Software to upload mine from my computer and writhe a Name out?
    I hope you will understand what I’m trying to ask you lol

    • SWP is not digitizing software, so you cannot make your own designs. It’s mainly used for merging and minor editing of designs. It is not a program that digitizes the true type fonts from your computer either. It’s used for merging embroidery fonts you buy off the internet that are digitized for embroidery machines. Does that help?

  60. Rosemary,

    I’m so confused and frustrated!
    I’ve just purchased my first embroidery machine. After much research I chose a Brother PE770. I need to know how to add a name (or word) to an appliqued item. Like I appliqued an elephant and want to add the name Alana in a font that I’ve bought under it. Is this something that I can use Sew What Pro for? And are there any tutorials to help clueless people like me?

    Thanks in advance,

  61. Laura McCall says

    I have a 3 layered should be simple in the hoop design. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to split the design. I’ve watched YouTube – called S&S and he was rude with no answers at all – just email it and I’ll do it. Well I have orders for 8 of these and if someone doesn’t tell me how to split the hoop – I’ve lost out. I need a simple guide for a layered design. So I can split it and save it and use it. I’m sorry I sound gruff – but I have literally been working on this since 5:00am and it’s almost 7:00pm. I am ready to quit…. Crying like a spoiled 2 year old and I need help now!!! One more day will put me so behind that I may as well not do this anymore. It’s back to school time…. HELP???

  62. I used the SewWhat Pro trial and now want to purchase it, but cannot find the email where the serial number was sent to me. Where would it have come from? SewWhat pro or Applique Cafe? If i can’t find the email, how can I still get the software for $65?

  63. I love what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.

  64. what is the difference between sew what pro and sew art? I downloaded a sew art for a 30 day free trial but only had 3 days with it then had to buy it. Like the program and very willing to purchase it. Tried to call s&s but their mail box is full and it sounds like just a home phone. Want to purchase a product to digitize to embroidery stitches. Does sew what pro do this? Or is Sew Art the only digitizer?


  65. I have a Viking Topaz 50 machine and have been using SWP. When I save the file and put in my USB to my machine, the applique file will be there, but also a text file. What is that? Am I doing something wrong?? I don’t want to mess up my machine! How do I prevent that or is it normal?

    BTW—–Yall are my favorite applique store! Thanks for the super cute designs!

  66. Hi, I recently downloaded the trial version of SWP and I love it, but I’m having trouble getting my monograms right. I was hoping you could tell me what I am doing wrong. I tried monogramming using the fonts in SWP , but the letters comes out with very sparse stitching and not dense at all like every one else’s monograms. Is that normal? I even selected high density, but still I could see between stitch lines through to the fabric. Should I use only downloaded fonts specially made for monogram letters or is there another setting I can try to correct this? I have tried selecting bold and fill and neither corrected this problem. Do you have to stitch monogram letters twice? Please help!

    • I do not use their lettering part of the program! I have yet to hear of a person who can get it to work! I only use SWP for merging and editing and would only use purchased fonts off the internet – embroidery fonts of course! I need to email Steve at SWP and ask him why they don’t just take the Sew Lettering part out of the software!!!

    • I have the same problem right now! Have you had any luck?

  67. Thank you! I purchased a Brother SE-400 and have been looking for more software options. This looks like a good investment. I downloaded the free 30-day trial and will be purchasing it.

  68. i just came across your website after looking into the sew what pro. i noticed you have had it for awhile maybe you can stear me in a good direction. so what did you start out with i downloaded the icon trial version and love it will be buying it. but what else or what next im trying to make all the grandkids pillow cases for christmas with there names on it my janome only has small fonts but i found some online bigger!! i know im going to need help aligning them if i can see it on computer im sure it would greatly help!! help please…… 🙂

  69. Hi….Rosemary I have purchased new font to do 3 initials when I ( save as) in a file to use it’s there but when I go back to used again it still has my 3 initial together ….How do I delete that so I can reuse a letter that I need ?….Please help when closing out of SewWhatPro I don’t save anything and it still there…Have you ever had that problem.. Teresa

    • Is each letter it’s own thread color? If so, you can click on the letters on the thread chart on the right that you don’t need and delete them, then resave the letter you need. Does that make sense?

  70. Thank you , for Replying Rosemary, I had to figure it out but I think I might have …….I took it out of album folder and put it on the screen then went to thread chart and saved ………Woo Hoo the Font alphabet looks right again ….Thanks again, Teresa Still learning a lot 🙂 Have a great day…

  71. Im am looking for some good embroidery thread for my brother pe 500 machine. Any suggestion? and also on some good stabilizer as weel. Thanks so much and ur blog has answered so many questions about this since im new to it!! Thanks

    • I primarily use Isacord thread from, or Exquisite from They are very similar (same green spools!). As far as stabilizer, I also like’s commercial stabilizers. If you look in Helpful Posts, I’ve done a blog post on the different types of stabilizer I use. I like the commercial b/c you get a lot for your money and it seems to last a while!

  72. I downloaded the free trail of the SWP and love it and so I purchased the software before my trail period ended. I did receive the email with the serial number, but when I put the name and number in the program when asked, I can no longer open the software. Is there a reason maybe to why it is doing this? PLEASE HELP

  73. Hello I use SWP I’m trying to monogram initials, I made them a tad bigger but now the stitches are too spaces out, you can see the shirt under the monogram? I have a brother se400, also when I refill my bobbin the white embroidery thread starts stitching on top? I’d appreciate your help 😉

  74. I have a PE770 and have purchased the sew what pro. I have also purchased numerous alphabets in order to make my own monograms. I can merge the letter, find the correct positional hoop so that I can make them bigger than the 5×7 field and split the design. My problem is instead of the machine recognizing 3 splits (one for each letter) it recognizes 2, the first part is always one letter and the second part is 2. Although I size them on the sew what pro screen before I save and split the design they come out completely wrong in size! Example my middle initial is always the smallest with the first and last initials being larger. Help!

  75. Casey Barnard says

    Hi, I have Sew What Pro but can not figure out how to transfer the design to my machine (Janome 11000) using a usb cord. Can you please help? Thanks!

  76. I am using a thumb drive to upload designs to my singer studio s10 embroidery machine. I have the 5 x 5 hoop selected but when I try to upload to my machine it says the embroidery design exceeds hoop size. What am I doing wrong?

  77. I am new to SWP. I am having trouble viewing my files on my Brother PE770 from a zip drive. I have followed step by step instructions to save. I can recall the file on SWP but my machine but can not recognize it.
    I initially tried to add a font (a font that I added to my computer) to an applique file and save it. I thought maybe that was the issue so I started over and decided I would do the applique and name separately. No luck.

    Also, each time I attempt to write the file to the zip it prompts that it has been saved in “Old Brother Files”. I then deleted EVERYTHING to start over only for it to happen again.
    Has anyone else had this issue?

    Please help. I have a job that I need done by tomorrow.

    • Are you saving in PES format, the right hoop size? I might try another thumb drive. Just wondering if they are going in to a folder or something on the thumb drive and the machine can’t find it??

    • Problem resolved.
      I purchased a design from etsy. The seller had a large hoop (6×10) selected. I learned today that if the hoop size or design size is too large the file will not transfer to the machine properly.
      If you find that your machine is not recognizing the file check the HOOP size. Change the size to the BABYLOCK Large (5×7). Once you’ve made that change check the design position. IF the design is even a hair over the hoop, SWP will change the hoop to the next size larger.
      Resize the design, recheck the hoop size. You should now be able to “save as” to your flash drive to transfer the design to the machine.
      Today, I also learned that if your design is over 5×7 then you will have to split the design in order to transfer it to the machine.

  78. I didn’t realize that there were so many steps to produce the final pattern. I learned something today! Thanks.

  79. kristie lambeth says

    My software is popping up for an update when I open it. are there glitches in the update that would make the program not work properly? Ive had people tell me that it didnt work the same after the update. An how often are the updates, if you know.

    • I don’t know of any glitches? I’ve been using SWP for like 7 years with no issues with any updates. You can choose to have it update automatically, or manually do it when it asks.

  80. i’m a freshman to machine monogramming and it took a bit little bit of observe and experimenting however it’s terribly straightforward to use and provides lovely, skilled results. My embroidery machine incorporates a inbuilt symbol program however it’s terribly restricted in font and letter size selections. “Letter It” incorporates a fantastic selection of font designs and therefore the size of the letters are often simply adjusted to urge your required result. i favor that i’m ready to program a 3 letter symbol, a primary name or simply one letter on one line or a double name on 2 lines. this can be vital to ME as a result of I actually have 2 grandchildren with double names! i actually like that it shows you precisely wherever the symbol are going to be positioned among your hoop thus you’ll be able to change the dimensions of the symbol to suit dead. I actually have already purchased this program with the monograms I actually have placed on the garments I actually have created for my grandchildren I highly recommend “Monogram Wizard Plus”.

  81. Beth Liebno says

    I am new at embroidering and I have a lot to learn. I have SWP and my machine is a Janome 350e. I can do designs on SWP and save them on flash drive and on the computer you can see it on the flash drive but when I put the flash drive in the embroidery machine nothing is there. I have changed the sizes of the design but I am not having any luck. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

  82. I’m looking forward to owning Quiltmaking Essentials
    2. I loved the first book and this one is sure
    to be packed with useful tips as well.

  83. I have an Se400 and use the free Embrilliance Express and BX fonts to merge letters by typing on keyboard, which i love. Will this work with SWP instead of monogram wizard or letter it? Can i type in my name or three-letter monogram and save it as is and then merge that file with a design using SWP?

  84. Can i type a name or monogram in embrilliance express, save it, and then merge that with a design in SWP?

  85. Beth Miller says

    I have used sew what pro for several years now. I love it’s capabilities. I am taking a class from Craftsy and learning how to split designs so you can embroider big designs in small hoops. Oh I have an Innovis 4000D and my biggest hoop is 7×12. I want to go bigger and can not afford another machine. What I want to know is after splitting a design, adding the anchor points when I go to save it how do I make the anchor points be saved to both pieces?

  86. When I use SWP to put a name on a shirt, I have no problems designing it or saving the name but when I bring it to my Brother 770e and try to check the position on my machine to see exactly where it will stitch, my machine recognizes it as the whole 5×7 hoop is being stitched and doesn’t show me just were the name will be stitched. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  87. hilda parr says

    question???? I have sew what pro and had a brother embroidery machine..great no issues…now I have a Janome and am having problems as far as the hoops go…SWP does not have the larger sizes and I was hoping some one could tell me it is possable to enter a larger hoop

  88. I have been doing embroidery from many years and I can tell this couldn’t get better than this. Love the way it sew out. Great work and sharing.

  89. I am new at embroidering, I have always wanted to do it, but hated to spend the money. My husband surprised me with a machine for my 40th birthday (YAY!!) He bought me a Singer Legacy SE340 but I really don’t like there software because I am so a Mac user. I have been looking at the SewWhat-Pro software and I have a few questions…1) I do see it’s comparable to Mac, but will I be able to down load it to the jump drive that inserts into my embroidery machine? 2) Would I no longer need the software that came with the Singer? If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  90. Hi I bought sew what pro awhile back through you. I’m having a hard time finding a video that isn’t old or doesn’t quite fit to my situation out there. I learn best with videos where I can actually watch close up what someone is doing. I can’t find a video out that that is current on how to split a pattern /design. I’ve tried to piece together a bunch of videos with information in all of them and use this but not working. I still have a GAP IN MY DESIGN where I split it. I’m sure it is an easy fix. Anyway you would want to do a video for 2017 that explains it and shows close up how to do it? I was working on a rocking chair that has a quilt laying over the arm of chair. Its a solid /filled design . If not no worry’s just thought I would ask. I’m about ready to pull my hair out LOL.

  91. Thanks for the info. I will be starting with the embroidery so i am trying to get as much information as i can. of course won’t be able to understand until i started doing it by myself. I have already hired a digitizer. Once i start with them, i;ll share my experience with you too. Thanks

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