If Coffee Cups Could Talk!

I’ve been trying to get this post together for a week, but with the house goings-ons I haven’t had a chance! The purpose of this post is to introduce you to my friend Amie (below) and her “new” blog, Linen and Boxwoods. She did a fabulous post on me Friday and how Applique Cafe got started. While we don’t normally stage photo shoots at local coffee houses, we DO meet for coffee quite often (almost weekly over the past few years) and decided what better way to talk about each other’s blogs than with fabulous photos from Grace Photography Studio. (Thanks to Grace for taking them for us!) It was quite hilarious but the pictures turned out great and it really captures what our (sometimes) weekly coffee sessions really mean to us ~ girl time, mom time, and most importantly NO KID time! It’s an hour a week that I look forward to and am just thankful coffee cups can’t talk! Lately we’ve been discussing BLOGS. Her new blog is a collaboration with her cousin Caroline, who lives in Atlanta. While I’ve been blogging for some time, we talk a lot lately about WordPress and what’s coming up with their blog posts (Snootie Foodie, Fashion Forward, etc…).

The basis for their blog is “inspiration to live beautifully… inside and out”. They mostly post about home fashions and what you might see in your favorite decorating magazines and in the Southern Homes & Gardens Interiors Showroom, but they also talk about fashion, food, mom stuff, kids and all the other things we all love to blog (and read) about!

LOVE this picture! We really do spend a lot of time looking at stuff on our phones! What did we do before smart phones?

Someone said it best this past week when I previewed this photo ~ we are enjoying LIFE! The caffeine is great too!

Amie’s drink of choice: usually a Chai Tea Latte. Me: Peppermint Mocha (I’m off the Frappacinos but still get one every once in a blue moon).

Amie has grown up in the family business ~ Caffco International, Southern Homes & Gardens and Capitol’s Rosemont Gardens. She has worked in product development for Caffco for the past 11 years and has grown up going to Market, traveling abroad and being around beautiful home decor. If you’re familiar with Southern Living at Home (now Willow House), Amie worked closely with them (SLAH) on their product line, much of which was developed through Caffco. She also loves to draw and paint, and says blogs and magazines are her joy and eyes to the outside world! This girl knows her stuff! She also loves to garden and cook and makes a mean batch of fried okra (ask Jeff)!

For those of you who aren’t from around here, SH&G is a local home & garden store with a beautiful showroom and garden center down the road from me in Montgomery. They have an “Interiors” showroom in the store (see pics from L&B blog below) which is the basis for a lot of the things you might see on their blog. They had Spring Open House there this weekend so I drooled my way through the store and Interiors room making my (dream) wish list for our future house! Who would not love a dining room table like this?

Here is a little more “about them” from their blog:

This blog is a collaboration of two busy Mama’s (Amie & Caroline) who just happen to share a love for creating home environments… and who also just happen to be family (they are first cousins)! We’ve teamed up to bring a little more fun into our family business! Amie is the editor extraordinaire, pulling fresh ideas and products to feature, and keeping you on top of trends to make having a beautiful home look easy. Caroline is the lean, mean writing machine who will hopefully make decorating your home seem a little less intimidating and a little more entertaining! We certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about finding new ways to live beautifully!

More about Amie:

I am a wife to the most amazing husband and mother to two precious children. I graduated from Auburn University in graphic design forever ago. Now I am a thirty something product designer by day and obsess about architecture, interior and landscape design, graphics, fashion, photography and FOOD….by night! I am excited about our blog in hopes to inspire others, as so many blogs have inspired me!

More about Caroline:

I am a wife to one hunky hubby, and Mama to a little bulldozer of a baby boy and one furry family member. Life around my house is crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I keep track of the chaos on our family blog, and I keep my sanity by writing this one! After spending four years in the loveliest village on the plains at Auburn University, I traveled abroad and made some amazing memories, before putting down roots in Atlanta, GA. For now, its big city livin’ for this small town girl. I love to make things pretty and I am always interested in finding new ways to make a house feel like a home!

You’ll see on their blog that they are also on Facebook and Twitter! Check them out, and join us for coffee anytime!