Helpful Posts

Below you will find a list of my most popular posts. These are the posts I find myself sending to people over and over and over again!

Here are a great post for BEGINNERS:

Here’s a post on all the different type of stabilizer you’ll find in my sewing room:

Very basic post on hooping:

Monogram Wizard Plus:

Sew What-Pro:

How to do the “raggy” designs:

The difference between satin and fill stitch:

Fast Frames:

What is Comfort Cover:

Layering fabrics in an applique:

Better applique secrets (Heat N Bond Lite):

The 9×9 Durkee hoop (which will fit Brother PR machines):

The 6×6 Durkee hoop and Photo Editing Software:

How to center an off-center applique:

Here is a post on how I organize my fabric:

6 needle machines (Brother PR650):

Applique on a Towel:

Doing Mini Designs:

Monogramming Hats, Visors, Etc.: