Monogram Wizard Plus and Sew What Pro


As promised, I have another trick I learned on the Monogram Wizard Plus Facebook Page. This is great in 2 instances that I can think of off the top of my head. 1) You’re doing a name in Monogram Wizard Plus and you or your customer wants each letter a different color thread. You can do one of a few things ~ if it’s a name with 5 letters or less, you can do it in layers in MWP. You could also manually stop your machine as it’s sewing in between each letter and change your thread color (if you are using a single needle machine). OR….. here is a neat trick! Between each letter, type in the “^” symbol, which is located on your 6 key. Another instance where this comes in handy is 2) You’re using “Specs” font (MWP) and if you have Specs, you know it is spaced all crazy so your name may or may not line up the way you want it too. I LOVE Specs and it’s great for monograms (3 letter monograms). Names are another story. Anyway, you can use this trick to rearrange the letters IF you have Sew What Pro or other editing software. First you will save it this way (there are more pictures below) and then you would bring it up in SWP to edit. 

 Here is the key!

 Here is my name with the ^’s in between each letter and this is Specs font. As you can see it’s all crazy! But, when you put the ^ in between each letter, it makes each letter a different thread color. Normally in MWP your name or initials are all the same color UNLESS you layer. So I’m going to save this on my computer in a folder where I can find it in a minute to edit in SWP.

 Here it is in Sew What Pro. If you look at the thread chart on the right you can see all 7 letters are a different color and a different step. If you click on each thread color, you can then move the letter around. It’s a little tricky since when you select a letter it only shows you that letter to move, but I was able to line the letters all up on the middle line pretty easily. There may be another way to do this, but I’m not sure what it is. If you know, comment and let us all know!

 As you can see here I clicked on thread color 1 on the thread chart which shows me my “M”. If you click on the name on the left part of your screen, it will select the whole name, so you have to click on each thread color to select each letter. What I did was line up the M on the middle horizontal line on my grid. I then clicked on step 2, the “a”, and lined it up on the middle line next to the M, then 3, 4, 5 and so on until all the letters were sitting on the line. I did have to go back and adjust them a little to the left and right, but it didn’t take me long at all.

 Here is the name after I’m done and I’ve clicked the “CENTER” button to center the name in my hoop. I will then save the name to my machine and it’s ready to sew. Again, since each letter is a different color it’ll stop in between each letter if you want to sew the name with different color threads. If you don’t, you can change each letter to the same thread color and JOIN THREADS to have the name sew all the same color. Or, you could just keep sewing after each stop using the same color thread. I did not take pictures of the joining threads part but will try to do so later. I didn’t want to get too confusing!

 I also found a couple of neat features in Sew What Pro that I don’t really use but I thought I’d share. If you click Options, then File Associations, you can select all the different type of embroidery files you might open on your computer. That will allow you to double click on those embroidery files and Sew What Pro will automatically open them. Otherwise, your computer might ask you what to use to open the file.

 I clicked most of the embroidery file types we offer, so now I can open any of those files in SWP automatically! I like to SEE what I’m working on, so I use SWP whether I am merging or editing or not. My machine uses PES and DST, but we often have to look at other file types so this is great! It’s also a great little cheat sheet as to what formats the different brands of machines use!

 Another feature I have never used is Edit, Order Threads. (And you can see Join Threads down below that). You can switch around the order of whatever you are sewing with this feature. I would be careful in doing this, but it may be you have a design with a name and maybe you want to sew the name (underneath?) first and maybe the way you saved it it was at the end.

 Again, I’ve never used this feature but it might come in handy one day! We like to order our designs in a logical order, but sometimes on single needle machines you can switch the steps around to make sewing it easier if you are using the same thread colors. Again, I’d be careful with this since most designs are ordered in a logical manner!

I get emails a lot asking “how do you do this?” in MWP and SWP. My suggestions is to open them up and just play around! When I started there was no Facebook Group (or Facebook for that matter) so I learned through the manuals and just experimenting and TRIAL AND ERROR! See Helpful Posts for more posts on MWP and SWP.

 Now on to the craft section of my post thank-you-Pinterest! My kids have a vat of Perler Beads I got at Ikea. We usually keep them hidden because they get them all over the floor and Jeff gets all crazy. I saw this on Pinterest last night so we had to try it out! This is an oven proof Pyrex pie dish. First I sprayed it with Pam (oil would work) and then wiped most of it off with a paper towel. We then layered the Perler beads on the bottom and on the sides in the best single layer we could come up with. They actually stacked on the sides pretty well thanks to the light grease! We put it in the oven at 350 degrees first for 10 minutes, then another 5 minutes. This is what it looked like after it cooked.Pretty cool!


 I then took it out of the oven and let it cool. I’d say 10-20 minutes. On this first one we put it in the freezer for 5 minutes or so and then the “bowl” came right out of the dish. We did 2 more later and skipped the freezer step and they came right out.

Pretty neat! I’ve also seen metal cookie cutters (put the beads inside and cook) and muffin tins. I’m sure we’ll be doing this again with every oven safe dish we can find!!

 Now on to a snack my grandmother used to make when I was little. It came to mind this week so I made some last night. You might think this looks funny but I promise it’s good! These are Ritz crackers with peanut butter (thin layer) and mini marshmallows on top.

I bake/toast them in the toaster oven until the marshmallows begin to brown.

Let them cool and then eat up!! Try them! They are really good!! I will always remember my grandmother when I make these!

The sale continues at Applique Cafe, and we’ll be listing 6 new designs probably in the morning!


  1. You are my hero today…I have a new computer and knew that there was some way to get SWP to open only pes because that was the way it was on my old computer. I haven’t taken the time to look in the manual, so hadn’t figured it out. YEA!!! There is a Yahoo group for the sandscomputing products. The group mom is okay…Steve, the fellow from SWP is WONDERFUL. The group mom is extremely brusque in my book and very hurtful with folks like me who are so clueless. But I have learned tons reading other folks questions and eventually trying for myself. You might check that out…I don’t do fb, so this is my source of help.

    Looking forward to your new designs. Thanks!!! ;>) MS

    • I don’t really do Yahoo groups. I tried but I have so much to keep up with that I had to give it up! HA!

    • I need help/advice. I am just learning…I have monogram wizard software. However I have bought other fonts and appliques. Is there a program where I can upload the extra fonts (not purchased for monogram wizard software) and manipulate those (because I cant do it through monogram wizard)? Also, is there a program where I can upload an applique, then upload the name (that I would like to go over the applique like a layered look) I created in the monogram wizard software to ensure correct placement?

      Im not sure if Im using all the correct terminology. I struggle with technology!!

      Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

      • Sew What Pro is what you need from! You can merge font files together and also merge a design w/ a name or initials, etc.

        • Hi, Rosemary. Love all of your helpful tips. Thanks so much for taking the time for the rest of us!
          I have been using the trial version of SWP and can’t seem to get the built-in fonts to stitch out well. When I use previously purchased fonts, they stitch just fine with SWP, but when I use their fonts, it looks pretty bad. Am I doing something wrong?

          • I don’t know anyone that has used their true type font converter thing. I would only use bought fonts merged together in SWP.

  2. You’re doing a wonderful job on posting more often! You are a wealth of knowledge. Gotta get over and get some new designs!

  3. I don’t have a comment yet. I have a question, may I ask it

  4. I have a brother SE350 machine and am teying to do a 3 letter monogram where the middle letter, ( last initial ) is larger. Also trying to do a diamond 3 initial monogram. I currently have SEU program. I cannot get my machine to sew all three letters in 2 different sizes at once. How do I line up the letters, ( unhoop and rehoop? For each letter?). I can’t seem to get the spacing exact either. D I need a different program? Please help. My first born grandbaby needs some monogrammed clothes!


    • I am not familiar with SEU program?? Are you typing in the initials, or merging letters together? I use Monogram Wizard Plus for fonts and Sew What Pro for merging and editing.

  5. Carolyn Tatum says

    I have a question. I have Brother ULT single needle machine that requires memory cards. I also have PED-Basic so that I have been able to buy your designs and get them from my computer to my machine. I have seen some fonts available online, but say they require editing software. Is that where Sew What Pro that you mention would comes in? Would I be able to “edit” in it and still save to my card for use on my machine? Is this the type of software I need to add a name below say Stitch the dog?

    • Yes! Sew What Pro is what you need! It’s great for editing and merging, like names and initials with applique designs.

  6. Please help, I haven’t used monogram wizard in quite a while, (you snooze you lose) how to transfer my design (font) to ?my embroidery card.

  7. Please Help, I haven’t used my monogram Wizard in quite a while(you snooze, you lose) how do I transfer a design (font) from the wizard to my embroidery card to sew out?

  8. I’m sure you’ve been asked this 100 times, but I just purchased the Brother PR770 and looking for suggestions on the best set up. I mostly would like to do monogramming and my own designs I create through photoshop. So my concerns are:

    I would like the monogram to be oval-shaped and the letters to overlap; would you suggest Monogram Wizard Pro, Sew What or a combo of each?

    For my own designs, I understand I need to digitize them. Do you have a recommendation or can you do that through Sew What? I’ve been using the SewARt64 Trial but I’m concerned it doesn’t produce a very high quality product…or maybe because I’m not terribly familiar with where to start my running/feed stitch, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


    • You can use either MWP or SWP for the oval shaped overlapping monogram. MWP has the fonts built in and SWP you have to buy the embroidery fonts and merge them together. SWP is the cheaper option! MWP is a great font software.

  9. I’ve been debating this for a while now.. but can’t seem to decide which one ……
    I purchased the Monogram Wizard Plus a year or so ago, but now I’ve purchased some fonts and applique designs online and in order to use them I need another program! Monogram Wizard Plus didn’t offer the extended features at that time, so I got the designs CD which I’ve never used.. Monogram Wizard offers no incentives to purchase theirs!
    My problem is that I cannot decide on which would be the better program to go with in order to use my fonts and designs … SEW WHAT PRO or the EXTENDED FEATURES??
    Can you tell me what you think about one vs. the other??
    I’m new at all this…

    • I am honestly not very familiar with Extended Features! I bought SWP before EF was ever invented (I think). I have “heard” that you are limited to so many layers in EF, whereas in SWP you can merge together 18 letters if you want to. Again, that’s just what I have heard and I have never used or seen EF to know if that’s right. You might check in to it! I have been using SWP for YEARS and I love it. It’s the best $65 I’ve ever spent!

  10. Hi may I ask what programme should we use to digitize our own designs for embroidery ? Really appreciate much if you could help . I’ve tried sewart but the outcome wasn’t really of good quality .. can you introduce ? Thank you so much !!

  11. I’m looking to make a straight line or “underline” for a specific embroidery. Do you know how to do this? i have picture of how i want it to look. i use sew what pro and monogram wizard thanks in advance!


  12. Barbara Bartram says


    Just found your site and I have a question about Monogram Wizard Plus. Can you do more than two lines? It tells me no, but I’m new at this. I want to do a baby announcement and its needs to be in three lines. Can you advise?


    • You can do 2 lines, but you also have 5 layers to work with, so you could add text on layer 2 or 3 and then move it all around.

  13. Can you suggest a good interlocking font for monogram? Also what is your favorite font for toddler boys? What size font would you use on the “fishing shirt” cover-ups that are all over pinterest and etsy? I have MWP and Sew what Pro(because you so highly recommended it). I am fairly new to this and I am teaching myself thru trial & error and your wonderful blog. Our local shops treat monogrammers like the red headed step child, once you buy your machine. If you don’t quilt they really cant help you.
    Mary Mooney

    • I am laughing at the red headed step child comment! HA! I would think Pendant or Sydney are both good interlocking fonts. Also, Master Circle is the circle script font and I also like MC Center – it’s like Master Circle but not in a circle shape. You can make any of these “overlap” or interlock using the Kerning feature. I did a PFG shirt on my blog and I think I used Sydney font and I made it as big as possible by adjusting the width of the monogram. Let me find that post!

  14. Hello, I am brand new to embroidery/monogramming but am trying to open a business doing so. I am in need of some kind of software for better fonts and graphics. I just bought the new Brother Persona PRS100 and I have no idea what direction to go in for software. I’ve been recommended the Monogram Wizard on multiple occasions, but it is costly so I’m hesitant. I was recently told Sew What Pro was better than Monogram Wizard. Does anyone have any advice for me or opinions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • MWP is expensive, but it’s a great investment if you plan to do this for a while. I have had mine for 7 years or so and it’s great for lettering – fonts, initials, monograms, names, etc. SWP is mostly for merging and editing. It’s awesome too, but I wouldn’t say better for monogramming (than SWP) b/c MWP is much easier and faster.