Embroidery Supplies For Days!

In my last post I reported that my machine had died and I took her in last Monday to get repaired and serviced. Hooray she is alive! I rode back over to Sewingmachine.com this morning to pick her up. They are located in Atlanta, GA but also have a store in downtown West Point, GA which is about an hour and 10 minutes from my house. I’m listening to Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis via Audible, so it made the drive go by fast. AWESOME book by the way! I still have about 10 chapters left. Anyway, they fixed the rotate error and also serviced her so she’s running like a champ!

Back in the day, I taught a class at Sewingmachine.com but had not been over there in a couple of years. The ladies there are so nice and helpful and I always enjoy going, even if it’s to get my machine fixed! Here are a few photos from today!

They sell more thread that you can ever imagine! Lots of the big 5000M spools, but also some of the 1000M spools. I mainly use Isacord brand which they sell in both sizes.

Here is the Floriani wall… again, more colors than you can ever imagine! Beautiful drool-worthy colors!!

Here is the Isacord 5000M spool wall! Thread for DAYS!! 5000M spools last for a really long time too, so your black and white and colors you will use a lot of, it’s worth it to get the big spool.

Commercial stabilizer = less expensive! Cutaway, tearaway, water soluble, comfort cover (the stuff that you iron on the back of your monogram/embroidery/applique design), and HEAT N BOND LITE by the roll or bolt. They also sell some name brand stabilizers like Floriani, but I mostly use the commercial stuff! Any and every kind of stabilizer….

Pre-cut stabilizers are da bomb!! I know it only takes a second or two to cut off a roll, but grab a pre-cut sheet, hoop and go! I use their waffle weave tearaway AND medium cutaway pre-cut squares. Again, super affordable too!

OK so I don’t do vinyl. I honestly barely understand how it works. BUT… they have racks and racks and racks of vinyl for sale! Look at all the colors! This is just a fraction of what they have!

Stabilizers, thread and all the other stuff you need + HOOPS, hoop and more HOOPS. These are the Mighty (magnetic) Hoops and also the Durkee Hoops. They come in all shapes and sizes! I have the 9×9 and 6×6 Durkee hoops plus the Durkee Cap Hoop. I also have 2 of the Mighty Hoops which I LOVE!

I have a Brother PR650 6-needle in case you are new! I’ve had it for about 7 years, but I keep it serviced and CLEAN so it still has a lot of life left in it! If you are in the Alabama/Georgia line or Atlanta area, check out Sewingmachine.com OR order online! If you have any questions about what I use, just email me at rosemarygulledge@appliquecafe.com!


  1. Wow, you aren’t kidding – tons of supplies! I do sewing and embroidery, and i also do vinyl! Love my Cricut machine!

  2. The pictures of the supplies is definitely drool worthy. I would love to have a one stop supply shop for machine embroidery in RSA, alas, I buy bits and pieces from here and there and I import some because I cannot find it in our markets. Definitely a nice shop to have within an hour or so drive.

  3. Sarah Harmon says

    So I have same machine as you. I’ve had fast frames for years but the biggest hoop they make for it is 5×6 and I’m in market for something bigger. What is your favorite quick and easy hooping for larger frames?

  4. Kristy James says

    I just finished listening to “Girl Wash Your Face” too. The book has inspired me move forward on my dream of owning a Machine Embroidery Business. Machine Embroidery has been my hobby for years and I’ve made many gifts for friends and family.

    I am in the process of purchasing a Babylock Valiant and I’m going for it. I was wondering if you could recommend any resources that I might be able to read to help me overcome some of my many questions. For example, which is better hooping or using fast frames? I hate struggling with lining things up in the hoop and the fast frame just looks much easier. I also doubt myself concerning what stabilizers to use. I am always afraid I’m doing something wrong. Are any guidelines or best practices or great books to read?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    • A lot of it is trial and error, thinking through things and figuring things out. Google searches might lead you to blog posts – other blogs out there. Also, Pinterest seems to be a decent source. I see pins all the time – how to’s! Also, Craftsy is a great source – they have how to videos on embroidery and I have a reviewed a few on my blog! You can always email me to through my website. I’m happy to help!

  5. Jennifer says

    What/when do you use the waffle weave tear away and when do you use the medium cut stabilizers? Thank you for the secret blog of HBNL!

    • Definitely use waffle weave tearaway (or any tearaway) on anything you DON’T want stabilizer left on like a bib, blanket, burp cloth, towel. I normally use an iron on tearaway for those unless it’s thin, then I might use the waffle weave. I normally use the medium cutaway stabilizers on things like tshirts, baby gowns, sweatshirts – those things that it doesn’t matter if stabilizer is left on.