Helpful sewing & software info:

  • I use Monogram Wizard Plus as my embroidery font software. You can find Monogram Wizard Plus info at Needleheads. MWP is a popular font program and is very easy to use for sewing your names and initials. Search Monogram Wizard Plus on my blog or click on the Monogram Wizard Plus Tag on the right hand column.

mwp3 mwp4

  • I highly recommend Sew What Pro which can be found at Applique Cafe. You can download a free 30 day trial before you purchase. This is a great merge software that allows you to merge files (merge an applique design with a name or initials, for example). It also allows you to see the design you are working on, click on each thread color (step) to see what is sewing next and you can also do editing in this program. I don’t know what I did before Sew What Pro!

SWP ad1 swp4

  • Check out They have a store in West Point, GA as well as Atlanta, and they are listed as one of Brother’s authorized service centers. See my 12/14/09 blog post for more info. They sell and service a wide variety of machines and also have a HUGE selection of products on their website – embroidery blanks, commercial stabilizers, thread, etc. I buy a lot of their commercial stabilizer and Isacord embroidery thread.
  • I got 2 of my Brother machines (PE700 and PE750D) at Ken’s Sewing Center. They are located in Muscle Shoals, AL. I buy Exquisite embroidery thread from Ken’s. They have super fast shipping and discount codes all the time on your next order.