Welcome Back!

Happy SPRING and Happy April! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a blog post. Even though we’ve been quiet around here, we are still here! Checking email 5 times a day, posting on social media here and there, and even listing new designs every once in a while. I wanted to share a few new ones and also tell you we’re having a DESIGN SALE through Monday (4/22/19). All of our designs are 40% off!

QUICK STITCH is the the name of the game. While the below BEEHIVE is applique (meaning with fabric), the satin stitch is replaced with a bean or redwork stitch which cuts your sewing time down quite a bit. I did use Heat N Bond Lite on my fabrics. Ironing the design after I’m done will ensure the fabric fuses to the shirt and doesn’t come loose. This would be cute with a name underneath in RED to match the beehive “door”.

Along with our DESIGN SALE, I also marked down our Embroidery Order Notepads as well. I LOVE these for jotting down my embroidery orders and they are now on sale for a limited time, while supplies last! Each pad has 50 sheets! The smaller ones are perfect for simple monogram orders, while the bigger pads (see left) are great for applique or more complex embroidery orders where more information is needed.

We’ve recently come out with several new EMBROIDERY designs (meaning thread only/no fabric). I call this a “light fill (light filled-in)” stitch. It’s not super dense like most embroidery designs and it sews very quickly! I did a baby gift set yesterday and my goal was “what is the fastest stitching design I can do?” When you are doing a set like a bib, burp cloth and onesie, fast is good! All thread is good! The stitching of these designs resembles seersucker!


Of course our popular “Stitch” lab design!

I L.O.V.E this Popsicle Trio design which is a must for summer! The color possibilities are endless and you can easily match any shorts!

Lastly our Sheep design which is adorable for baby. Would be cute also in baby blue, soft green or yellow.

If you are reading this, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, welcome back my love. Your stitches are awesome. I am trying to do the same here at home. You are a great role model. Love you!