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It’s a rainy day in Alabama. I love a good ole rainy day, but we seem to have them every Monday which gets old because Mondays are hard enough. That, and the fact that little Maggie does not like to go to the restroom out in the rain, which makes for an interesting day when it’s raining and the back yard is flooded. Who can blame her? Here is a photo of her last Friday on a dry day. She’s a Lab trapped in a little furry body. She loves to dig and bark at every bird, squirrel, bee and mosquito she sees. This was taken 5 minutes before we were to leave town Friday…. Needless to say we were delayed.


Blog readers…Pay attention to the “ad buttons” on the right! These are a few of my favorite places or products. I blogged about Pic Monkey recently, which is a fun editing photo program I use a lot. “New” to the blog are Southern Homes & Gardens, which is a fabulous home & garden store here in Montgomery. SH&G is owned by some family friends (or some friends’ family) and they are selling a lot of items found in their store online now. Check it out! I’ve been discussing a giveaway with SH&G so stay tuned for that too.

Now, pay close attention to the CARBONITE button! Being in the web business with digital products, if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 2,356 times {and usually on a weekly basis} from customers…. “MY COMPUTER CRASHED AND I LOST EVERYTHING!!!!!!!” Most of these emails are urgent and dramatic b/c said customer has just lost thousands of dollars worth of digital embroidery files! Applique Cafe now has the Your Account feature where you can log in and access any purchases you’ve made since 11/8/11. However, this system is not foolproof! There are also like 2,356 applique websites out there now. It may take you a while to email them all or to log in to access those designs you spent your hard earned money on!


There are a variety of options depending on how many computers you have and if you are a business or just a home user like most people. Click on the link and check it out! You can also try it free which is always good. We’ve been using it for years! It’s money well spent.

PRINT IT!! This is not rocket science and I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know. However…. I have been using this feature a lot lately so I thought I’d share. Old age maybe?? Do you ever wonder how big to make a monogram or where to put it? As you all know, I use Monogram Wizard Plus and Sew What-Pro software and both allow you to print what you are working on which is GREAT.

Below is Sew What-Pro.


And Monogram Wizard Plus.


I’ve done several “polo” type shirts this week, so I formatted the monogram in MWP as best as I could (meaning I guessed on size), then printed a copy of it and cut it out to lay on the shirt. This helps me to see if my size is right, and it also helps with placement! Sorry these pics are a little fuzzy. I guess all the rain has my camera fogged up.

photo (17)

photo (18)

I’m also doing 5 towels for graduation gifts. These are for guys going off to college, so we decided to do their initials straight across and I used MWP “Library” font. I wanted to make sure this was going to look right, so I guestimated the size of the initials and printed it so I could make sure it would look right.

photo (16)

Here’s the finished towel! Looks great!

photo (19)

Again, not rocket science, but I thought I’d share in case you ever get in a bind or are undecided on a monogram or design! I also discussed recently how printing your design when trying to cover an old monogram helps out too. You can read that post HERE!

Have you noticed anything new on Applique Cafe? Yes, Easter designs are 1/2 off! There are also a few new buttons on my website. I am constantly looking over my website and making sure it’s as user friendly as possible, and not confusing, and “neat” looking. Like my designs, I like to keep things SIMPLE. I added a few buttons to help better navigate to those important areas ~ YOUR ACCOUNT (your purchases saved under your email address), GET NEWS (subscribe to our newsletter which goes out usually once per month with new design and sale info) and of course MY BLOG! That’s where you are now! Check it out!

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  1. I too use picmonkey and love it. I also print my designs for placement. Love your blog.

  2. I watched the tutorial on the alphabet mode for SWP. I’m not able to use that function because all of my fonts are in a zipped file format with 3-4 different sizes. I do however print my designs out and place them on an item before stitching. That has saved me material and thread.

  3. Any suggestions for similar to Sew What Pro software
    that’s compatable with Mac at a comparable price?

  4. Good morning Rosemary! Thank you so much for all of your help! You are my go to resource for anything and everything embroidery related! My question is about printing in MWP. When I printed my master circle monogram it did not print to the actual size listed. Do you have any advice?