Yippee for FRIDAY!!

Here are some big/little sis shirts I did for a friend ~ the “lil sister” will be here Monday! I love this font from Embroidery-Boutique because it goes with my KIM font from my monogram wiz plus program (extra Alpha Pak 012). Of course -little- would not fit on this tiny little onesie, so we went with “lil”!!
This is the Clementine frame from Planet Applique. I took this picture sort of at an angle, so it looks a little off but really it’s not! Lots of cute frames or patches at PA!
My pictures are all whacky and I can’t seem to get them like I want them… my boys are HUGE-MONGOUS Auburn fans! Garrison would wear his Auburn jersey every single day if I would let him! As I type this the boy is in football pants (Auburn) and an AC football helmet War Eagle t-shirt! Browder will watch the Auburn games on Tivo 5 times the week following the game. He knows every play and of course knows who wins! It’s CRAZY!! Anyway, they just colored these great photos and asked me to take a pic! B is up top and G is below. He is a great little artist for a 4 yr old! The letters below are his version of spelling “AUBURN“. Browder also jotted down some notes to Jeff on his. WAR EAGLE!!

Have a great weekend (and Jeff says “War Eagle” even though I already put that)!!

P.S. I was introduced to a blog this week that I’ve had a blast reading ~ www.thepleatedpoppy.com! Check it out!
P.S. #2 I’m so excited!! I purchased a blog template today to match my website (www.appliquecafe.com) and I am also adding a link to my website that will link back to my blog! It’ll be right up there with HOME CATALOG GALLERY. Why have I not done this before? I honestly don’t know! It just came to me that I’d love to be more organized and that it might be helpful to my AC customers!
P.S. #3 House repair #2 (the major one) is now complete. Getting the carpet stretched was #1 and is done too. Now it’s time to clear out some stuff, get the house  “detailed“, do some touch up painting, replace the toilet seats (hip hip hooray), clean the carpet and get this puppy listed!
no more P.S.s…..