My tutu post!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon outside. Jeff did a little mowing, the kids did a little playing and I pulled weeds (yipee). We also all took a walk around the hood ~ we started out w/ Sissy in the buggy, G on his bike and Browder on his scooter. By the time we got home Browder & Sissy were in the buggy with the scooter in the back, G was walking and I was pushing his little bike! It was beautiful weather and my start to training for a September 5K (I need A LOT of training and believe me, walking around the hood was a start!!). I couldn’t resist taking pics of Sissy in between pulling weeds. She doesn’t play dress up ever, but decided to wear this tutu all afternoon and I LOVED IT! She rode her tricycle with it on and even rode in the buggy with the tutu on as well as a Princess helmet. These are the moment that I love having a little girl!!

Another tutu – this is a new AC design I just sampled and it will be listed soon along with several other new ones! There is a lime satin stitch “band” underneath my bow (that I pinned on for the picture).

MORE TUTU!!! How cute is this gator!! The girls at Bayou Belles and Beaus emailed me about advertising today and after some back & forth, we agreed to try them out for a month as an ad sponsor on my blog. As you can see I have added their button on the right with my other sponsors and I also posted on my Facebook page about their page and added their link to my favorites on Facebook. Did you get all that? I jotted down on my pad of paper that they had 350 fans when I mentioned their page on my page. I just checked and they are now up to 408! They have some cute smocked dresses and other items! Check them out!

The boys had Art Camp this morning and my inlaws took Mallory for the morning too. They didn’t come home til 2:00 so I was able to WORK (for a change) and got all of the below done (with a lunch break to Mama G’s and Nancy’s). These are all Applique Cafe designs and I did all of the onesies using my 4×4 hoop. I did use a 5×7 hoop on the bibs. The lion font is Tipsy (monogram wizard plus font) and the others are done in MWP Atilla. Some I made skinnier and the golf green I curved the name. The cowboy boot bib is MWP Simple Script which looks cowboy-ish to me!

I did these 2 last week ~ also AC designs. Fonts: Mermaid is Sunny MWP and Flip Flops is Kim MWP!

I also had someone comment about brown thread. These are the 2 I use the most. The left is your basic chocolate brown and the right is a deeper darker brown. I have a few other weird browns but rarely use them!



Satin vs. Fill Stitch

I had someone ask me after my Stabilizer post yesterday what the difference is between satin stitch and fill stitch. I mentioned that when I monogram towels, I like to use a fill stitch (and that is my personal preference, not a requirement). Maybe this will help? Basically a satin stitch is the same as the finishing stitch on appliques. It’s a back and forth FLAT stitch and this is what it looks like below. When you see the fill stitch photo hopefully you will see the difference! This is Monogram Wizard Plus Serif Block.

Here is a 3 letter monogram done in a satin stitch. I use Monogram Wizard Plus and the below font is Arabesque. When you’re using MWP, it gives you the option of fill stitch or satin stitch for your monogram (below ‘system functions’ box where you save your files). If you buy font files off the internet, then they may come either way (probably) depending on how big the letters are.

Here is a fill stitch and this is also MWP Serif Block font. As you can see, it’s not a back and forth stitch, but rather a filled in stitch (hence the name?). Hopefully you see the difference? Fill stitch requires more thread and takes longer to sew, but for certain projects I prefer a fill stitch (like I mentioned ~ towels, blankets). It really depends on how big the monogram is – if it’s big and you’re using satin stitch, then you run the risk of the thread looping or getting caught or pulled.

Here is a fill stitch 3 letter monogram ~ same as above MWP Arabesque. As you may see below, parts of the R look a little more like satin and it does sew that way if the font is thin enough. I upped the boldness of these so you could really see how filled in the monogram was.

Hopefully that makes sense? Like I said, MWP gives you the option of satin or fill and some other programs may do the same. But, if you purchase fonts from websites who sell them, they usually come satin and/or fill but you can’t change them. Here is a font from, and as you can see the bigger letters are fill and the smaller letters are satin. Here is the font:

I have several fonts from Jolson’s and they all stitch great! They are really affordable too and I just found this picture on their website! This may better explain what I’m trying to explain:

I have also heard the term ‘column stitch’ and based on what I’ve read, that is another name for a satin stitch. I have also seen fonts that are so thick the sew in 2 side-by-side attached columns, so I guess that term could apply there as well!