Everything Applique Conference (and Sewing Room)

The neatest thing has happened! Right now there are 8 embroidery/applique website owners who have come together to put on a first ever APPLIQUE CONFERENCE! Yes, we are all competitors. We’ve put that aside and are working together to make this happen. This Everything Applique Conference (EAC) is the brain child of Kathy at Applique Corner. She has graciously enlisted us to come along side her and make it work! Did I mention this was going to take place on Saturday, April 28th? Yes, like 2 months away! Luckily it’s taking place in Birmingham, AL which is just up the road for me. While it started small, it has grown quickly and the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) is being secured for this event. The 8 of us are messaging day and night, brainstorming, coming up with vendors, door prizes, etc. There will be a website up SOON to register, and more info will come as far as vendors who will be there and classes/breakout sessions that will take place. Stay tuned, and check out and *like* the Facebook Page in the meantime! Click on the link or logo to go there.

Believe it or not, I am making progress in the ole’ sewing room. We have decided to PAINT it (after months of deliberation) and lose the white (which is what we painted it when we moved in last July). I am going with Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk, which is also the color of my son’s room upstairs. It’s a pretty neutral color and I think it’ll look mucho better than the white. So… this weekend I got out our can of Elephant Tusk and painted several areas to be sure this is what I wanted. I painted in one of the Expedit cubbie spaces to see how it would look. It was then that I realized that my Expedit is (creamy) white as opposed to a High Gloss White, which evidently is now being offered by Ikea. As of last week they did not show it in the 25 Expedit, but did in the smaller ones (16, etc).

 However….. this is the picture they show of the 25 cubbie. Doesn’t it look bright white?? I may just have to make another trip to Ikea, or try to call them and gain clarity on this matter. Not even sure if bright white would look any better? We shall paint first and see! 

Here I had to see what my thread stands would look like on the ET paint. I can always paint them as well (the stands).

 And… seeing how my makeshift valance would look w/ this color. I met w/ my sewing lady a couple of weeks ago and she is going to make me 2 cute valances for the 2 windows. I just need to find a trim fabric for the pleats (green, orange, blue??). For now it’s thumb-tacked over the window.

Can’t leave out the bulletin board.

 I think this color will look much better and break up the white! Someone did email me this morning and mentioned rearranging the furniture. I might see if that is even possible when we unload the room to paint and then have to reload. The dilemma is that there is a TV mounted in the corner for Jeff’s pleasure so I’m not sure how we could rearrange with that. And, the way things are, I have my machine and (Craftsman Tool Chest) work surface all within reach. We’ll see though! I’m not ruling anything out! Hopefully the paint thing will happen in the next few weeks. I believe he’s a couple of weeks out, and is also going to do some painting on our stairs (which is another post in itself).

Please check out the EAC Facebook Page! New info will be coming SOON and as I said, the website to register should be ready any day!


  1. The conference sounds like so much fun! I don’t know if I will be able to attend but I sure would like to! : )

    I like the ET paint color!! I think it looks good with the other things in the room.

  2. The conference sounds like so much fun. However that is a week away from my daughters (first baby and grand for me) due date. By the way I am so happy to find your website and designs. And I really like the white against the paint color. Really makes the fabric pop.

  3. I just started following your blog. I love your appliques! I do have a question. I love to make personalized burp cloths and kitchen towels. They are my favorite! However, I am having a hard time finding burp cloths that are a good ply ( 6 or greater) and that don’t shrink. Can you recommend a brand and where to find it?
    I would love to attend the conference! Its about 8 hours from me…. we shall see

  4. I have found your info to be so helpful. I used to really struggle when I embroidered onesies until I read your post about using med. cutaway stabilizer. I have used it for a while and get good results. Here is my question…many people on the Facebook forums say that they use cutaway mesh for tshirts and onesies. Have you ever used it? It seems like it would reduce some of the bulk on the back of the shirt but I get good results with the med. cutaway and I’m afraid to try it! What do you think? I value your opinion as an expert!


  5. Peggy Carroll says

    How do I sign up? I am interested for myself and my daughter.

  6. Love the fabric on the windows…we’re in the process of doing our living room in green, orange and blue…mind sharing where you found that great fabric?

  7. Anneva Hard says

    I came on your site to register for the applique conference May 18th and 19th. did not findinstructions

  8. Pat Castleberry says

    do you know when the logo for the conference will be available…and thank you and all that have helped for your hard work in making this happen… Sew much fun when people with similar hobbies get together and share ideas and projects…love it, love it, LOVE IT !

  9. ann fowler says

    I have signed up for the conference this year and am VERY excited about being able to attend and looking forward to all the wonderful new ideas coming my way. I would like a little ‘hind-site’ from participants which attended last year as to what did you wish you had with you that you did not take. I am planning to take camera, note pads – just the normal things but I was wondering if there was something that once I got there, I was going to say “wish I had that”! Any thoughts will be most appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

  10. Margaret Perdue says

    Do I need to pre register and what is the cost to attend?

  11. Dorothy Ann Curry says

    I would love to know if having a in southern California ( Redland) or near Detroit Michigan. My sister lives in Michigan and I in CA. We both just began to applique, not to long ago. Would so love to meet others and learn.

  12. I have a couple friends who attended EAC in Atlanta this year. They said they really enjoyed it. I live in Maryland and would like to know if you plan a conference anywhere near here? I would love to come to one.
    Thank you,
    Flo Jones

    • I don’t have anything to do w/ EAC, so I’m not sure! I know there are different conferences going on throughout the year but not sure of all the locations! Not sure if embroidery is as big up north?

  13. There is definately a lot to learn about this subject.
    I love all the points you’ve made.