Friday Fabric

Happy Friday! I have been meaning to do a post on all the new fabulous fabrics I’ve gotten recently. Here it is! I posted this photo already on Facebook. The dot fabrics below are all from TJs Fabric (Opp, AL). Most of these are Michael Miller “Kiss Dots” and I think the brown and red are “Dumb Dots”. If you go to TJ’s website and click on Online Store, then Newest Editions, you’ll find most of these. I LOVE any and all polka dot fabrics and use them in almost all of my designs, especially the girly ones! I used the hot pink in our latest Owl 5 (MUST SEE) design listed this morning. 

These are Robert Kaufman fabrics. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chevrons which are SO popular right now! Top row 4th over Chevron is the one I used last year in our Turkey 4 design! Again, all from TJs and these can be found under Newest Additions as well!

More Robert Kaufman (Jingle Holly). Top left dot is Michael Miller (Santa Play Dot) which has been very popular over the past couple of years!

 These top swirly fabrics are Riley Blake ~ great for fall! Bottom middle dots are Moda as well as the right plaid. Bottom left dot is Riley Blake ~ super cute colors! Again, all TJs and all should be listed under Newest Editions!

 CHEVRONS!!!!!!!!!! They are THE hot fabric right now! Hot pink and green I’ve had for a while (I think I got them at InTown Quilters in Decatur, GA) and are Michael Miller. The Brown, aqua, yellow are all Riley Blake. You can find Chevrons at both TJs Fabric and Whimsical Designs. You can get 5% off at Whimsical Designs with my special code: ACe6ecea7394 through September 30th! The discount can be stacked on other sales too!

 These Chevrons are smaller than the above ~ all Riley Blake! I don’t know if we can all thank Isaac Mizrahi (2011 Target craze) for the chevron phase or what? Thank you whoever! I love them! I used the black on our new Bat design and the red on our new Pirate Skeleton design, both listed today!


These are Robert Kaufman (says Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman). LOVE these!!

 Again, check out TJs Fabric or Whimsical Designs for these great fabrics for FALL and CHRISTMAS! Really makes me want to start on Christmas designs!

Have a great weekend! I have been working all week on a large baby order (be on the lookout for my next post) and sampled 5 new Applique Cafe designs yesterday and this morning. I just turned my machine OFF and am going to try to leave it off all weekend! It’s time for consigning the kids clothes (NEXT WEEK) and I haven’t even started…..

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! I hope you are all having a splendid laid back summer. When was the last time you used the word splendid? 1964? We survived VBS, have been enjoying some great pool time and are not about to strangle each other yet. I normally send at least 2 of my kids to summer school (2 days/week) but this year with bible school and beach trips and other goings-ons, I decided to keep them all at home. So far so good! I adore my kids, but we all know being with them 24/7 can be trying at times. Overall they are getting along great which helps my sanity! G just almost took Mallory’s eye out with a diving stick but other than that we are good.

Moving on…. here is an example of what fabric can do to an applique. This is an OOLLLLDDD sample of our Fat Fish design. It’s cute (and probably matched something), but…

not as cute as this!! I left the fin off and this Michael Miller fabric matches some shorts I got at an overstock sale for around 8 bucks. I need to replace my website photo BADLY! I really need to go through and redo LOTS of old designs.

My precious model. She just loves for me to take pics (not).

Here is a new Swirly Cupcake design we listed recently, and I did it on this Kas-Wear dress. The orange and hot pink fabric is Fabric Finders tri-check. I got it recently at Beth’s Heirloom Sewing. I love orange and hot pink or orange and any color. Anyway, you can find the Kas-Wear at Berlins Online! Mal’s head is cut off in this photo because I was trying to take her picture and she did not want me to (and was crying). She wore this as a swim coverup. We were probably headed to the pool and I stopped her for a photo shoot. Is there anything cuter than little 4 yr old knees??

Better! This dress makes a great swim coverup or it would even make a nice lightweight summer gown! Kas-Wear has some GREAT dresses, tees and other blanks in great colors! I’m monogramming a couple more for Mallory right now in lavender (w/ lime mono) and hot pink (also w/ lime mono).

I also appliqued this towel recently and the cute towel came from Costco! Who doesn’t love polka dots? The fabric I used is Michael Miller. I THINK it came from TJs Fabric.

Today is the last day for our 50% off sale ~ I’ve seen a lot of fall designs come through the carts. As hot as it is, I know it’ll be football season before we know it! The font I used for SALE is Cheri from I hope Jolsons has sold several of these alphabets because I have had a ton of people ask me what it was! We do not sell any fonts at this time, so most of the ones I use are like this one from Jolsons and I also have several from Embroidery Boutique!

 Have a great weekend! The sale will be “taken down” first thing in the morning!

New Raggy

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I finally got the “new raggy” shark tee out of the dryer and wanted to report that it washed (and dried) GREAT! Here’s the t-shirt I used (from Walmart). In hindsight it would be smarter to get a plain t-shirt in the biggest size you can find. That way you’d have more “knit” to use for other projects. I may get 1 more design out of this one if I’m lucky. Lesson learned. I might also go through the kids drawers and see if they have any old or stained tshirts I can use!

 Here it is again after I first appliqued the shirt. The red tee is a good ole Fruit of the Loom tee from Walmart as well.

 Closeup ~ I trimmed pretty closely around the stitching. Don’t forget the Heat N Bond Lite on your applique fabric!! I would say without it, this might end not end up so well. Wonder Under might work too ~ any fusible product.

Here is the design right out of the washing machine last night. So far so good.

And out of the dryer earlier today. I did run the iron over it once. I have a bad habit of letting clothes sit in the dryer for hours or days after they are dry. Basically everything I washed with this tee is still in the dryer and may still be there this weekend. With 3 kids laundry is an I digress…

 In summary, I’m so thrilled with how this turned out and am anxious to do more designs in this fashion! We will be listing this version with our next batch of new designs! In case you didn’t know, I personally test Applique Cafe designs (usually 5×7 size PES format) and I wanted to be sure this washed OK before I start a new trend (HA!). Knit could be used with any of our raggy designs and my head is spinning with more I’d love to do!