My Embroidery Machine Stand

I posted these pictures on Facebook a week or two ago when someone asked me about my stand. First of all, my machine is a Brother PR-650 “Entrepreneur” 6-needle Embroidery Machine. I got it from and I LOVE it! The only thing better would be a 10 needle… Anyway, it didn’t come with a stand and I ended up getting this Craftsman tool chest from Sears. I think this is it? HERE They shipped it to the store and I picked it up there and it was less than $100. It works GREAT and has lots of STORAGE! It also has wheels (which lock). We have wheeled it in to my closet a time or two so the wheels actually come in handy.

As you can see it’s turned sideways, but is the perfect width of the machine with the drawers to the side. Yes, that is my wedding photo in the background… almost 10 years ago that photo was made (May 12, 2001)!!

I had a lot of people ask if it vibrated, and the answer is “a little”, but no more than it would on a regular table or stand. This chest is very heavy, especially with the weight of the machine and all of the *stuff* in the drawers. They are full of hoops, extra stabilizer, etc. As you can see below 3 sides of the chest have a lip, so the machine is not going anywhere!

I love the storage! I keep the majority of my supplies in these drawers. The top drawer is full of all of my hoops. The other drawers are full of fast frames, heat N bond lite (my 8 rolls), stabilizer, my bobbins and other embroidery supplies.

So…. this is my stand (and my machine)!! I love them both dearly. Oh, did I mention you CAN lock the drawers. I don’t know why you would, but the chest came with a key.


  1. Tamara MacDicken says

    Hi there! I just picked up a PR600ll myself, which did not come with a stand. I love your idea of the tool chest and the usage of the drawers for supplies. My question to you is, all of the stand I have seen or worked on have the space below the needle head open to allow for bulky projects….do you have any difficulty with bulky projects since they do not really have anywhere to hang down?

    Thanks so much! Have a Great Day!
    Tamara =0)

    • I have not needed that space! If I do a blanket or a towel, I let it hang on a chair sitting in front of the stand and I rotate the design around so it’s upside down. I’ve done a few bags too and have not “missed” having some space there. The drawers are GREAT!

  2. I just got my new machine and i love this idea. i had the machine on a work bench however the toolchest vibrates much less.
    Thank you for this suggestion

  3. have been looking for a smaller stand can’t afford the one they sell to go with it, thanks so much for your great idea.

  4. Kathy Rumchak says

    I was wondering how you would do a lampshade without the extra space under the needlehead? I have a stand, but put it away because I can’t stand how bulky it looks, but I need it for projects like this and I hate having to take it out!

    • Well, I don’t even have a stand! I have actually straddled my machine b/w 2 tables before to have some space underneath. Not sure you could do that? It was a little nervewracking but it worked. I have never done a lampshade before.

  5. Diane McLauchlan says

    The only change I think I would make is a thin rubber mat to reduce vibration noise. What do you think?

  6. Thank you for the idea!!
    $120 from ACE hardware this replaced an oak kitchen table! So much room!!

  7. Denise Wondolowski says

    I just saw this and I was wondering if you still like this set up. I was looking for a stand, but the storage with this is wonderful

    • Hi Denise, I actually have a different setup now. You can probably find pics of my Sewing Room now – that was in my old house (this post). I do still use the tool chest! I use the surface as my hooping station and store my hoops and stabilizers in the drawers. But, in my new sewing room I have 2 desks so I have a file drawer thing that my machine is on – it all matches. I still like the tool chest setup too!

  8. Gail Seitzer says

    I use a sponge rubber(similar to a huge mouse pad but thicker) type mat under my embroidery machine & under my Silouette die cutting machine . Cuts the noise & vibration. mine came from Walmart in the kitchen rug section. Gail