Green, black, white??


Β This weekend was home improvement weekend! We are in the process of replacing air vents upstairs, we got a couple of new ceiling fans and Jeff put together our new office furniture! While he built stuff, I made Chicken Tetrazzini (for 30). This was no easy task, as most of our kitchen supplies are boxed up because we’re eventually going to redo our kitchen (sometime in the near future hopefully). I had to triple the recipe and cook it in shifts. We happened to have this huge-mongous crab boil pot so this was my makeshift mixing bowl. This is a YUMMY recipe by the way, and even 1 recipe will feed a few families. If you’d like it, comment and I’ll post it!

This was how much 3 recipes made ~ I add cheese the last 5 minutes of baking! It’s really good and freezes well. This is my friend Karen’s recipe and I’ve made it many many many times!!

And here is our office/sewing room tonight (below)! We’re missing a drawer on the left desk ~ awaiting a replacement part from Home Decorators. This is from the Martha Stewart Craft Collection and it’s very heavy and sturdy and I’m really excited about where this is going! You’ll see our old dining room chairs which we will eventually replace with maybe this? We need to go do a test sit and see….

This is my corner. I couldn’t part with the tool chest just yet as the drawers are full of hoops, stabilizer and other supplies (my fast frames, etc). Jeff was looking forward to wheeling it out to the garage but for now it’s staying! Notice the nice office-y plastic mats under our chairs from Costco. A) I wore a hole in the rug at our old house with my chair, and B) this carpet is new, hence the mats.

This is a sign we bought while at the beach last month! We definitely took a chance with starting Applique Cafe!

Sissy & I went to Winn Dixie Saturday morning to buy all the stuff for the Tetrazzini, and I passed by these on the “jar aisle”. They sell jars in all shapes & sizes! Right ~ some crochet appliques I always forget that I have from They are really cute when sewn on a gingham patch, or, just sewn on a little onesie or layette gown! I have 2 more jars, as it came as a set of 4.

I’m thinking PEGBOARD in between the windows? This one is from THIS BLOG!


Or the above is from THIS BLOG! I have been searching for sewing room ideas on Pinterest and keep coming across pegboard! I’d like to hang my thread on it and maybe some other things!? I plan to paint it too.

Above my computer I think a bulletin board is in order. Maybe this one from Hobby Lobby? Jeff also had cable installed so a TV will eventually go up in the corner, which is kind of exciting!

Anyway, it’s a START! I’m seeing a color pattern ~ white, black & green. My fabric is still in the other corner in the stacked plastic bins/drawers. I’d like to find a cuter solution to that and have had my eye on several things including cubbies, or some type of something (furniture) with drawers on the bottom and shelves. This was a moving in photo ~ I got rid of the plastic drawers on the right, the printer and the other stuff on the floor.

Β Not bad for a couple of days work! Some day it’ll be Pinterest-worthy! Just a reminder: 30% off all designs at Applique Cafe til Tuesday, July 12th! Have a great week! Please share your sewing room photos on our Facebook Page ~ I’d love to see them and be inspired! You can also follow me on Pinterest.


  1. LOVE the new furniture! So excited for you! πŸ™‚
    And yes, I’d love the tetrazzini recipe (not tripled of course! ha!)

  2. Aimee Luis says

    Looks awesome! I have pics of my room makeover from a month or so ago & pics of pegboards that a friend helped me with. They still need paint, but check them out. We hung my spool-holders on the pegboards to free up table space. She’s a brainiac wen it comes to organization! ( LOVE your color scheme! The green is my favorite!

  3. Brittany says

    Love your blog! Would LOVE your recipe! Great looking sewing room! Mines still in a corner in my dining room unfortunately! Maybe one day!

  4. Love the furniture! I like the color scheme too. You are well on your way! What picture editing program do you use where you can add the comments etc.. to the photos? I would also be interested in the recipe!! : )
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Debbie White says

    Don’t hold back any longer! Post that recipe! I have to take dinner to a new Mom who came home from the hospital today with a 9lb 7 oz baby boy.

  6. Cute green furniture. I just love your posts and applique designs! Thanks for sharing.
    I’d love the Chicken Tetrazzini recipe.

  7. Will you share your recipe? It looks delicious! Thanks!

  8. I love it Rosemary! I wish I had a tv in my studio… yours is already much more organized then mine. πŸ™‚

  9. Love the green and love this blog! Thanks for sharing and your AC designs of course! I’d love to try the Chicken Tetrazzini.

  10. Hi Rosemary!
    Your office looks great! LOVE the green furniture! You have inspired me to redo my office. I started this past weekend. I’ll have pics on my webpage soon. And, I would like the recipe also – my husband and daughter love pasta. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a great and productive week!
    Carissa West

  11. please post… looks sooooooo yummy πŸ™‚

  12. Hey! I love your organization tips! thanks! I would also love the recipe!! Thanks! This seems like one of those dinners that freezes well too!~

  13. Jean Adams says

    Sewing room looks good,where do u find peg board.

    • Lowes or Home Depot – I think they can cut it to any size. You can also buy squares at craft stores (Michael’s sells a 3 pack about 15″ x 15″ for $24.99 – catch a sale or take a coupon!)

  14. awesome green furniture!

  15. Sewing room is shaping up & looking good! Need some of your beloved orange in there…I’m going to email you a pic of fabric we are using for window treatments in daughter’s house….perfect match for your green furniture. On pinterest you had several exams of cubbie type shelves…those are available at Ikea and are next on my list of things for the Basement!

  16. Hi Rosemary,
    I came across an interesting way to organize things and thought of you. It’s called Magnetic Dots. I know you’re organizing your office and thought I’d share another way to organize your tools/supplies other than pegboard. Now, this only works for things that are metal but I thought it was neat nonetheless.

    Carissa West πŸ™‚

  17. Christi M says

    Love your space! I just installed peg board in my sewing room earlier this month and already LOVE it! Best $20 I spent on the space! I put up a piece that is 4ft by 6 ft and I am already wishing I had another one!

  18. Rosemary, i use the same thead holders(wooden) and i have drilled holes in them and mounted them flush to the wall. They work great and look good too! I think i have 4 of them stacked into a square on the wall.

  19. Rosemary, Your chicken tetrazzini looks yummy, and I need a good recipe for 20+ soccer players! Is it too late to request a copy of the recipe? Thanks, Pascale