Happy 2013!!

 Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year ladies and gents!! It was a looonnnngggg…. Christmas break. My kids were out of school for well over what seemed like a month 2 weeks. We had a very relaxing break and school has now started back for 2 out of 3 (3rd starts back tomorrow). It’s nice to have some routine and normalcy back. Jeff was off work for a while over the break too, so we got lots of new designs done. Here are the ones just listed today, and I’m quite fond of the Carrot Trio and the Loopy Giraffe (if I do say so myself). These are all featured on our home page!

bunny 4 300-horz

This past week I did some work for a local clothing designer (PBJ ~ Pieces by Jola). She brought over a couple of Blanks Boutiques shirts which are great! She was very specific about the location of the applique (1″ to 1.5″ below the neckline). I’ve never paid much attention to this with the way I hoop and do my shirts, but I snapped a picture yesterday so I thought I’d share. The idea is for the applique NOT to end up on the belly area of the shirt, which happens if you hoop too low. So, for these I marked my center from armpit seam to armpit seam (which is usually an even number – 14″, 13.5″, etc). I also made a mark on my shirt around 1″ from the top neckline. I then moved my needle to the top placement on my machine (should have taken a pic of this) and got it as close as I could. Here I’m using a Durkee 9×9 hoop which is great for multi needle machine users. It allows you to do a 5×7 design that might fill up a 5×7 hoop PLUS a name underneath!


Here is the finished product, and as you can see the shark‘s top fin is probably about 1.25-1.5″ below the neckline. I love this design! I use Monogram Wizard Plus “Tipsy” for the name Aaron.


I also did this girl shirt with our Seahorse design. Again, good placement of the design on the shirt and I love these SIMPLE one fabric designs. They stitch out so quickly and easily! Jola is a clothing designer, so she has certainly made cute bottoms to go with these tops! Below I used Monogram Wizard Plus “Party Time (aka Curlz)” as my font. Again, a Blanks Boutique top. The shirt seems really LONG in this photo. It was a size 6 and the wind was blowing!


In my last post I showed you this cute Old Navy hoodie dress Mallory got for Christmas. As I was outside taking new design pics today she decided to get in the bushes and pose. I love this dress! It’s super soft and I love the colors. She wore white cableknit stockings and some matching pink sparkly Keds to school today with it. I would love some orange leggings but haven’t found any yet. This is Monogram Wizard Plus “MC Center” font which is a new favorite. It’s a “sister font” to Master Circle which is more of a rounded monogram.


I love this girl! She was actually taking a break from playing soccer with her brothers and 3 other boys from down the street. She’s going to be TOUGH!!


I mentioned in my previous post thread colors, so today I decided to do my reds. I was going to take some pics with some of my red polka dot fabrics, but I was afraid that would be too confusing and lead to too many questions! I use #3 and #4 90% of the time, probably because they are 5000M spools. Here they are L to R:

1. Exquisite ES213 ~ this one is borderline burgundy

2. Exquisite ES3015 ~ I would say a deep red

3. Isacord 1904 ~ Again, deep red, but not too dark (I probably use this one the most)

4. Isacord 1704 ~ I would say cherry red

I get my Exquisite thread from www.kenssewingcenter.com and my Isacord from www.sewingmachine.com! I would say 2 and 3 are very similar being different brands.


Mark your calendars if you are “local” ~ I’ll be doing a class at Beth’s Heirloom Sewing in Wetumpka, AL on Saturday, February 2nd! I’m planning a trip up there maybe this week to make some notes and start working on what I’d like to teach/share. The class will be held that morning from 9:00 to 11:30 AM and will cost $35. You can find Beth’s on Facebook ~ HERE! More info will be in their January newsletter or you can call them for more details!


  1. Darlene Srigley says

    Although you may get a wholesale discount at SewingMachine.com for your Isacord just thought I would let you know that you can get Isacord at SewForLess.com for $3.99 per spool.

  2. Where is Wetumpka, AL? Just trying to see if it is driveable from Valdosta, GA.

    • Wetumpka is right outside Montgomery. Not sure how far that is from Valdosta? There is also an event at Callaway Gardens that weekend put on by Sewingmachine.com – it’s a 2 day thing and will be awesome if that’s closer!

  3. TY so much for the placement of the applique info I always, I will be placing mine with the 1 1/2 ‘ from the neckline from now on it looks so professional.:)

  4. When I also had a heat press, the rule of thumb was 4 inches down from the neckline for the top of the design…for adults. And, that’s the measurement I use for embroidery. I think sometimes people forget 4 inches down on little shirts ends up on the belly, me included. My granddaughter has a couple of “on the belly” designs. Good thing she’s not old enough to mind wearing Nana’s bloopers. 🙂

  5. I am local and so stinking new to machine embroidery. What will you be teaching? I might need to sign up.

    Thank You,

    • I’m not sure yet – basics, hooping, stabilizer, choosing fabric, etc. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to hear let me know!

  6. Great tips on placement. It’s pretty much always a judgement call unless you have one of the very expensive hooping systems like Hoopmaster. I can’t justify the cost of those babies. Also as far as thread goes, I purchase all of my threads from MetroEmb.com. My 16 needle AmayaXT loves the thread. Great colors, fast reasonable shipping and you can’t beat the price. 5000 mtr. king cones are on sale right now for $2.60 per cone. Regular price is less than $6.00. Their bobbins are very reasonable also. Check ’em out.

  7. If you ever get to the Charlotte, NC area, I’d love to take one of your classes. I’m new to machine embroidery and really admire your work.

  8. I’m not sure if you’ve checked there, but Gymboree sells orange leggings. I just saw some on their website.

  9. I always enjoy the info you give on your blog. So helpful!

  10. I may just not be “getting it” but when you say you moved your needle to the top placement does that mean that you adjusted the layout and moved the needle as high as you could once you got it on your hoop? Thanks!

  11. I love the designs that you put on the shirts, truly enjoy looking at the other ones you have made on your lasts posts. The t-shirts look even more fantastic with the design, surely your kids loves them.

  12. I ran across a post the other day explaining how to calculate pricing. Now that I am ready to sit down and really get into this information, I can’t remember where I saw it. I have been searching forever. Does anyone know where I might find this post? I am hoping that someone else read it and doesn’t have what I refer to as sluggish brain issues.