Martha Stewart to the Rescue!

We survived a week at the beach (pictures down below) and MOVING! We got back from the beach last Saturday and moved this past Wednesday in to our permanent new home! It was an exhausting week full of cleaning, 457 trips with my car looking like this (below) and more cleaning, and then actually moving on Wednesday. We’re still unpacking but for the most part we are “IN” and loving it! We did have movers move us, but also took many many trips with our cars full of whatever we could fit in to them! Don’t you love how the ironing board is just thrown on top? Did I mention we moved the last week of June in close-to-100 degree heat?

Here is my NON-dining room NEW SEWING ROOM (and the offices of Applique Cafe, i.e. Jeff, too). This was before:

This was after a little organization:

Better? I say BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have dreams of a fantastic colorful sewing room as seen on my Pinterest Sewing Room Board. I’m trying to gather ideas so that eventually the above can be something that you’d see on Pinterest and “re-pin”!!

One of my “wants” is a big bulletin board, so Sissy & I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and I found a couple that I liked (white and black frame). My room is white (all white), so I’m not sure if one of these would work, or if I should paint one, or make one?

THEN… the other day someone posted a link on Facebook to Home Decorators Connection and more importantly, Martha Stewart’s Craft Space Collection. It comes in all sorts of neat pieces suitable for a sewing room and also comes in 3 colors (white-ish, gray and this green). PLUS, this weekend they have $50 off your order of $150 or more. SO…. Jeff liked it so we ordered 3 pieces (separately so as to get $50 off each order). I am SO excited! All of the reviews I read were great so I will be sure to report when we get them (and put them together). Here are some of the pieces and how they’ve been put together for this craft room.

On one wall of our SEWING ROOM, we will have 1 of these in the middle:

And 2 of these ~ one for Jeff and one for me. There are other pieces I’d like, but we’re starting with these to make sure they will work in our room. I’m so excited! I can then work off of these and start making this room a place I want to come work in! p.s. I love green! I’ll keep you posted!

One evening at the beach I literally threw these clothes on my children and said “we’re going to take a few pictures”. I think we also bribed G with something. Had I planned ahead, forewarned them earlier that day, etc. they would have never turned out! I got several great ones and also took some of my nephews! I’m no photographer but I did take a digital class once in 2009 so I think these turned out pretty good for FREE!

This beautiful white sand is Seagrove Beach (FL) sand! Love it!

This was our 6th annual family trip to Seagrove and our 6th annual Shrimp Boil. We go every year with my whole family and we always have a wonderful time!

This pic makes me want to go back to the beach!!

I sampled 4 new designs today (zig zag squirrel, zig zag paw print, lion face & pumpkin trio) and we will get them posted ASAP. Designs are still 30% off through July 10th, and Patriotic are still 50% off. Check them all out at Applique Cafe. BTW, so far we’ve sold 106 Virginia’s Cross designs and 183 totalĀ Awareness Ribbon designs (50 since we sent our first check). Thanks for adding those to your collection!


  1. Your kids are so cute! Great pics! Congrats on your new house and your new sewing room/headquarters! Once you get past all the hard work it is so exciting to creat a new space! I look forward to how much more you can do there!