Monogram Wizard Plus

I discovered last night that you can now purchase Monogram Wizard Plus fonts ONLINE now. The font selection is limited at this time (and there are only a few I may “have to have”), but I just tried it out (here is the link to the store) and purchased the RASCAL font, aka Love font. It was very easy! You have to:

1) Create an ACCOUNT

2) Install a MWP Update

3) Have your Serial Number from the CD case your MW or MWP came in

4) Have a credit card ready to pay

It was all very easy and now I have the Rascal font selection from my drop down menu and I can make it any size I want, just like the $40 purchased font CD Alpha Paks!! I already had this font from another website and merged it together in Sew What Pro, but I prefer to use MWP so I’m excited to have this option!! This particular font was $9.99 and others ranged from $7.99 up.

I also like DAISY and LIBRARY. Daisy is sort of like a Disney font and Library is a good Serif type font! It looks like they may be adding motifs and more fonts. Anyway, I’m excited about this option for MWP users!!

Even though we just had a 55% off sale last week, we decided to have a 30% off Memorial Day Sale which ends Tuesday, May 31st. For those of you who missed the Facebook fan sale, here is another chance to save (not as much but save nonetheless!).

My next post will be on monogrammed towels ~ stay tuned for that maybe tomorrow! Have a great day off (hopefully) tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for posting the details on this! I can’t wait to try it. I have the font as well. But, having it in WP is so much better. Now, I can make it thicker!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us all know about this. HUGE time-savor!!

  2. Nancy Walker says

    I have purchased several fonts from different sources and I use Letterworks to pull up those fonts from my files. But I have to pull them up one at a time and it is very time consuming. Can you tell me how to merge all of my fonts into Letterworks? If it is not possible with letterworks then I am considering buying another program for this. I have the Babylock Enterprise machine and just love it. It looks as though the Wizard Plus program allows you to do this. Thanks for your time! Nancy

    • I’m not familiar w/ Letterworks! You are right with MWP you can type in the name, then select the size, font, boldness, etc.