My Sample Owl

I’ve had 4 e-mails today about theĀ JUST BLANKS shirts I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I thought I said that I had a sample (the owl) available, but I guess it sounded more like “I have a box of Just Blank tees to sell”. As I replied to the e-mails, I really haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I bought them from a clothing line that was not going to use Just Blanks anymore. It was one of those ‘friend of a friend hook-up deals’ so I took advantage. At some point I will get the box out and take inventory and THEN decide if I have any to spare!? I honestly don’t know what all is in the box, what sizes, or what style (I think she sent short and long sleeved tees). Anyway… I DO have this sample Owl shirt in a size 4/5. The tag says “shrinkage is expected” but the shirt appears to be a good 5 to me? Here is a closeup of the OWL, which is not available yet on! This is a brand new design that will be listed possibly tonight.
And here is a picture of the shirt. It’s very soft thick cotton and has the ruffle on the sleeves and bottom. Again, size 4/5 and I’ willing to part with this one for $18 plus any shipping.
Just e-mail me if interested ~
**As noted on the top of my blog, wheels are in motion to switch over to a WORDPRESS blog! The domain has been picked and will CHANGE to I had a really hard time deciding whether or not to change the domain from my name, and even asked some friends what they thought. This was my one chance to make the change so I decided to go for it! In hindsight, on that April day in 2008 when I decided to start a blog in the first place, I probably should have come up with something more cute or clever than my name! It’s worked for all these years (and who really cares?), but I figure why not take my name out of the equation while I have the chance! HOPEFULLY, all of my many posts, comments, pictures, etc. will all migrate over the new blog with little trouble. HOPEFULLY there will be little down time. I will keep everyone posted as best I can. If you aren’t familiar with wordpress, then check out some of the blogs on my blog list ~,, andĀ My goal is to *organize* my blog better and spend more time on posts, maybe pick up some sponsors and still have links to the other important stuff (instead of it all being on the same page).


  1. That is such a small world that Fly Through Our Window is on your blog list. I went to high school with Darby's husband!

    Congrats on the new blog domain!!!