My Studio Tour…

The Pleated Poppy is one of my favorite blogs! A friend of mine turned me on to it maybe this summer, and while it’s not embroidery or applique, I LOVE IT! It does have to do with fabric and sewing and blogging. She did a post this week ~ Studio Tour ~ which inspired me to do my own studio tour! Try not to be to jealous and try to contain your snickering
I think we all know I work in my dining room? This actually looks pretty good! It’s usually a complete and total mess, moreso than below! Notice the football in the chair. 2 computers because I haven’t taken the time to move my new one in to the old one’s spot. This is why our house is for sale! While I LOVE being connected to our den and the kids *know* this is Mommy’s work area and they really don’t bother it, I long for the days of my own room (shared w/ Jeff and his computer) with at least *A* closet. Did I mention that since my house is for sale, all of my drawer bins (5 of them) are in my closet, so when I sew anything I have to make the trek to my closet. It’s a lot of back and forth. AND… when our house shows, all but the machine and computer (when I don’t move it too) have to be removed. The lighting is also pretty horrible and yellow!
Still loving my new computer! I also downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements on it. I just opened a picture in it and got scared. Looks pretty complicated? I currently use Photoscape and it’s so easy and free.
Need to do a shirt and can’t find just the right fabric? A plaid shirt from Walmart will do! I’ve cut and used shorts before but I thought the shirt was clever! Happy B-day Tate!
I also did this onesie for a customer. She explained that the little boy who will wear it was born with some health problems I think, and ever since he was born, Auburn has won all their games (they actually won all of them). SO… my customer wanted to give them this onesie and it turned out cute! It’s the AC Paw and I did the wording in MWP and then merged it all together in SWP.
This is the *fanny* of the onesie!
Have a great weekend! 30% off at ends SUNDAY!
P.S. Not much wordpress news! Chris is working on it but I decided to change my web design so he is waiting on that to happen before he can proceed! I’m SO excited about it and thrilled that I can change it up when I feel the need! The new one is so cute and Boutique Mama has been fabulous! I’ve e-mailed her about 27 times with questions about this and she’s been great! Chris has also been fabulous, as I have e-mailed him 54 times and he’s been great! Hopefully something will happen next week!


  1. Keely Hollern says

    I LOVE PSE, once I figured out how to "use" it (and I still have a LOT left to learn)… has lots of tips/tutorials etc. that are for PSE and some free actions too!
    I like that website for the tutorials, but I like Pioneer Woman's actions!