New Year and BLOGS!

It has been crazy since my last post. Holidays are over, back to school, back to work, back to reality, back to getting up before 9:30 AM…. I appliqued a few shirts this week for a friend heading to Disney next month and did a bib/burp baby gift. That’s about it! Wednesday morning I got a call that someone wanted to see the house. It was a M-E-S-S ~ serious Holiday hungover house mess! I had 1 hour to completely clean it. They came. They saw. Yesterday (Thursday) morning I get another call from the same realtor ~ they wanted to come see it AGAIN! Again, I had about an hour to get the house in order. Did I mention that I had to put all of my sewing stuff up Wed., got it back out Wed. afternoon and then had to put it all back up yesterday. It is still all “up” which means hidden in my closet. As of last night these people liked our house, but we didn’t hear anything today so we hope that means they are taking the weekend to mull it over!?
In Applique Cafe news, we put out several new designs over the Holidays ~ Valentines and Easter. Check them out ~ New designs are listed first…! We’ll have some more new stuff in a week or so.
In BLOG news, I think I have definitely decided to switch over to a WordPress blog. I’ve started following several blogs (which have all been added to my blog list) and they are all WordPress and I love them! They are very neat and organized and appealing. Very professional. Not that I’m professional, but I think it’s time to make the switch. I have the # of a guy who can hopefully help me do this. I have over 3 years of blog juice and posts and Google status and I don’t want to lose any of it. Stay tuned!
In other blog news, I’m a huge fan of The Pleated Poppy! She is the one who does the WIWW and while I tried to keep up with this, it only lasted me a few days. Anyway, she wears these cute taupe colored Target boots that are cute ~ seen in a lot of her photos. I went to Target this week and they had my size, on clearance, for $12.56! I was excited! So excited that I commented on her blog about my find. I got a REPLY back from her! She actually read my comment and replied! I was so excited! I also like to read Fly Through Our Window. On both of these blogs this week there was a story of Edie, who is also a fellow blogger. Her blog is and you MUST read this post: It is incredibly and beautifully written, even though it’s a tragedy. All great blogs! All wordpress!
We are getting ready for the BCS Championship Game! WAR EAGLE! I promise to post something more than words next week! Have a great weekend!


  1. I have those boots too Rosemary! Except I paid 50 for them in the fall 🙁

  2. Rosemary….My name is Jennye Lynne and I have gotten a few designs from you and want to get some for valentines…you have the cutes stuff!!!
    I have a question about the zig zag stich before I order the LOVE and the XOXO….does this doe just like a normal applique…what I mean is….I put my shirt or what ever I am going to applique on and let the machine do the first stich, then place the fabric on and let it stich again, the cut as close to that stich as i can and then it does the last stich,,,,should I do this same pattern or will this be different. Thanks in advance if I should have done this from the website I am sorry and I will try to get over there and do it as well. Have a good email is
    Jennye Lynne

  3. I stumbled across your site and love your cute appliques. I would really like to start making these for my children and maybe expand to my local community. It is neat just buying a plain walmart sweater and personalizing it! I am a SAHM and dying for a fun, creative hobby. What machine do you recommend? How can I learn the basics?
    Thanks, Jayme