Organization HELP!!

Happy Monday! Let’s take a break from BATHROOMS! Do you ever feel totally disorganized? Inefficient? Stressed out? Like you can’t get anything done? Overbooked? Forgetful? Find yourself on Facebook for no reason? Easily sidetracked by laundry or the Girl Scout cookies in the freezer? All of the above describe how I feel on a daily basis! I wanted to work on a BLOG POST with tips on how to stay organized and efficient. I know most of us are stay-at-home moms who maybe do this for fun/on the side/for friends and family…. or maybe this is your full time J-O-B? What are your best tips for staying organized and efficient?

How do you organize your “orders”?

When is the best time to work?

When is the best time to check email (other than every 5 minutes like I do sometimes….)?

How many items do you do each day? Goals are good!!

How do you not get distracted?

Tips & time savers for doing monograms and appliques?

Easiest way to pick out fabric & thread colors?

When do you not work or when is it OK to take the day off?

Those are just A FEW questions I could think of! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sound off in the COMMENTS, or email me at Photos would be AWESOME too, if you have any to share! Be on the lookout for my BLOG POST!

Here are just a few pics of my sewing room from a previous blog post on ORGANIZATION! Thanks in advance!!

organization 2

 My BLANKS & SUPPLY closet:

organization 3

 My ORDER organizer:



  1. Yes, yes, yes! I can so use some organization and ways to be more efficient! Thanks for this blog. Looking forward to hearing input from others.

  2. I will be very imterested to pick up tips on sewing room organization.
    I have a large purpose built sewing room and I am always on the look out for neat ideas how to keep it tidy to work in.
    I have one rule in my room and that is at the end of a day of sewing, I put everything away in its proper place ready for the next time. When doing a project I have stuff everywhere as the day goes on, but I cannot start the day in a muddle. That would not inspire me at all. Keeping fabric tidy has been a problem until recently. I came across magazine boards. A pack of 100 A4 size boards from E bay arrived. They are the perfect size to wrap fabric around and then they can be stacked on there sides on a shelf. As ikea filing drawer was the perfect size to keep fat 1/4’s in. I oove my sewing room but its one fault is no wall space. It is a conservatory so I have cupboards all the way round up to waist height, but above that is all wimdows. The light is fantastic of course, but do wish I had space for shelves above.

  3. I’m very much looking forward to more input and this blog post! The thing I struggle with most is keeping track of incoming orders. I’ve tried so many methods and can’t seem to find the one that works for me. 🙁 I have a website (which is super easy to keep track of) but also a Facebook business page (messages! comments!) and phone calls and texts and emails.

    Sometimes someone will text me wanting to order something and then I’ll get a phone call and completely forget to go back and write down what the first person wanted to order. Short of writing on the inside of my forearm as things happen I just can’t figure out what works for me.

    • I have to write down EVERYTHING!! If I don’t write down which font and color someone wants on something, in 2 days I will have completely forgotten!

  4. I wish I could be organized. I am so busy and I jump from one thing to the next that things stay in a mess. I will clean up and in a few days it is back to a mess. Maybe I don’t have the right equipment to help organize me or maybe I was born this way. Either way I need help in this department.

  5. Yes, please! More tips on doing monograms and applique. Also, the easiest way to pick fabric and thread would be very helpful. Thank you for all the help you have given on your blog!

  6. Hello would love to see how others keep the orders in line and keeping organized! Love all your questions!

  7. To organize my fabric I have them in a filing cabinet with dividers and I drape the fabric over the hanging dividers. Very easy to keep neat and makes it very easy to see what I have.