The Best Sewing Machine For Kids


Hello Friends! I am always looking for good blog material. This one actually came to me! Maria with Stitch and Sew sent me a link to her guide to kids sewing machines and I thought it was a great fit for The Cafe Blog! I bought my first sewing machine (see above) off E-bay for $99 when my first born was about a year old. He is now about to turn 14 and it still works! Granted there is some tape holding it together, but I whip it out every now and then as needed and it still works like a charm. At the time I took a class and learned to make jon jons and a few other things like kids pants and shorts. I attempted a bed skirt once and always wanted to learn to REALLY sew. I never did, as embroidery took over my life as well as applique and then 3 kids. I can, however, sew a straight line when needed.

Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, or a boy in your life who is interested in sewing? If so check out this article! It covers things to consider like:

Speed control of the machine

Brand name {I have always owned Brother machines}

Auto needle threaders

Large dials


and much more! Click on the picture below to check out the article now! She also has several other articles that look interesting. Like I’ve never really understood SERGERS and how they work and what you use them for. Amateur, I know.



  1. Deanne Hume says

    HI! I received a brother PE770 for mother’s day and I love it but not even close to being comfortable with it! I have learned how to thread it and the bobbin too. I have selected letters and monogrammed them on an old towel and feel pretty comfortable with that but I don’t really like the designs that come with the machine. I saw on your site the wizard but it is not compatible with a mac..which I have. Do you know of another program that is compatible with a mac that looks like the wizard…those types of fonts are what I am looking for. Also, is there a site that you like that has tutorials for me to watch to get better? People are wanting me to monogram for them and I am not near ready to do that!! Thanks for any help.
    Deanne Hume

    • If you can find a Windows Emulator that works on your Mac, then you can use MWP and SWP on your Mac computer. As for monogramming, the more you do it the better you will get so keep practicing!

  2. I have problems downloading then transferring to machine because I have a Mac too. Ended up purchasing a laptop. Seems like most are written for Windows.

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