Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy CANDY Day! My kids came home with BAGS of candy! It’s going to be fun when they want to eat it for every meal and their mean ole Mama says NO!!! We are foregoing the Valentine dinner out tonight since one year Jeff & I ended up at Moe’s. Instead we’re going to go to dinner and to a movie tomorrow night sans kids. Steak on the grill tonight!

OK…. COMFORT COVER! I use it on the back of the applique on the inside of the shirt. It’s not a necessity but I’ve always used it. You may have seen it on the inside of your Carter’s brand clothing (if there is an applique on it) or your (Belk) J. Khaki dresses. The question is ~ does it come off? The answer is SOMETIMES! Sometimes it doesn’t. I personally think it’s a nice touch for your customers and for the cost of each little piece per shirt, it is worth the risk. I’m using a regular old Shark iron I bought at Target. I iron it on all of my customer’s shirts and if eventually it starts to come loose and peel away, then it’s not a big deal! It doesn’t ruin the shirt – it’s just a protective covering for the applique mainly used to prevent the threads from touching the skin. This is important to some kids ~ my kids don’t care! A raw monogram or applique doesn’t bother them at all. I have had it come off of my Carter’s clothing before, so I think it’s just the nature of the product and your washing machine and dryer. Regardless, I think it’s a nice touch and if you’re interested in it, then here is your post! Like I said, it doesn’t always come off, but I’ve had several people ask about it coming off so I can’t say that it absolutely doesn’t! I bet a heat press would help!?

As you can see I have a huge roll of it which I’ve been using for like a YEAR! I got it from Sewingmachine.com and I’m not sure if they typically sell this size roll? It may come in a much smaller roll. Another brand of this type product is Floriani and they call it Dreamweave. Sulky makes their version too. I believe it comes in black too. As you can see I just cut pieces from the large roll.

Do you love my notes on all of my pictures? I do! I cut a piece larger than the applique and I always round the edges.

I simply iron over the comfort cover, sometimes pressing down on it for 10-12 seconds or so. That’s it! As you can see my iron is on medium heat and no steam I believe. Just follow the directions!

I hope that helps! Some people saw it on my HNBL post and asked about it, so here you go!