Tea anyone?

My BIL (Jeff’s bro) got married this past weekend up in Birmingham, so my mom and I headed up Friday morning to hit a few stores sans kids. Jeff brought the kids up Friday after lunch. We had a fabulous weekend with all the wedding festivities, spending time w/ family and in Birmingham in general. It really is a neat place (with SO MUCH SHOPPING) and I left feeling that I really need to visit the Ham more often. It’s only about an hour 15 minute drive from my house. I waste more time than that in carpool on any given school day. We are so happy to have a new addition to the family and hope to visit them in B’ham a lot! 🙂

My favorite place that I have found lately is Harmony Landing in Homewood (also on Facebook). I have always loved At Home in Homewood, and HL is right next door. I LOVE At Home, but sometimes when I go in there I feel like I would have to bulldozer my house and start over to get “that look”. It’s very cool and chic and restoration hardware-ish (if you’ve ever seen their book,imeancatalog.  Harmony Landing is more realistic for me (and my budget) and a lot of their pieces are original and different but still fit in to my home. Anywho… I went in looking for a piece to go on a blank wall in our kitchen and left with said piece + this bench to go in front of the windows in our kitchen. I’m now in the market for some pillows for the bench!

This was our kitchen BEFORE. On our now blank wall we had cabinets on top and bottom (on the left). I sure don’t miss all that oak…

Here is after, and for the past 10+ months I’ve been searching (patiently) for something to go here.

Here is my Harmony Landing find. It’s sort of hard to tell what it looks like at night. Our kitchen is a lot of taupe + the dark stained island and dark kitchen table/chairs. The new pieces are a good mixture of both taupe and a little dark plus some other colors thrown in there too. Luckily we had 2 cars in B’ham. We made it home with both pieces and all 3 kids.

 I am also now in the market for something to go on top of and ON the “cabinet” we will call it. I have a little credit with a couple of artist friends so I’m hoping to cash in here soon. (p.s. replacing these knobs with something darker too). Maybe  lamp too?

 Moral of the story… if you are in Birmingham check out Harmony Landing in Homewood. I saw a couple of coffee tables that looked neat so I’m hoping to go back with my July house budget! If you are in Homewood also eat at Urban Cookhouse ~ yummy! There is also one at the Summit near PB (Pottery Barn).

This week we have been recovering from our weekend in Birmingham and I have also been finishing up a big order of the Sweet Tea/Unsweet Tea ribbons (see this post). I was able to knock out 4 at a time using my fast frames and sticky stabilizer (from Sewingmachine.com ~ commercial backing). After each ribbon I would center on the next ribbon and start sewing again. This is Bobo font from Monogram Wizard Plus and I cut my ribbon about 20″ long. When finished I “singed” the ends w/ a lighter (or “fire” as my little ones would say). As you can see I wrap my fast frames w/ the sticky stabilizer (see bottom of frame) and pin the ribbon in place so it won’t move. The sticky peels right off, leaving no residue on my frames (several people on FB commented as to how clean my frames were).

Here is a shot of doing it the WRONG way! A) my sticky and ribbons are on the wrong side of the fast frame and B) the fast frame is upside down. I had to redo the whole thing.

Fast Frames have a “dip” on them, so when you attach the frame to the “arm”, the dip slants downward so the frame is actually even with your arm.

I use fast frames mostly for bags and things I can’t hoop!

 Here are my completed 24 total sweet and unsweet tea ribbons. They are really easy to do, but are also time consuming in that you have to cut all your ribbon, pin it all in place on the sticky, sew each ribbon, remove the ribbon and remove the excess sticky in between all those letters (on the back), singe the ends of each ribbon, etc. I’m glad to finally have them all done!

 This particular order is for my husband’s god mother who saw them at the wedding shower we went to and immediately put in an order for 8 sets. This weekend she upped it to 12 so I spent most of yesterday finishing up! The ribbon is 1.5″ black grosgrain ribbon from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off, of course).

Have a great rest of the week! I’ll be sampling new designs tomorrow!


  1. I think a mirror would look great above that piece you got. It would also reflect some natural light from the window across from it…there is a window across, right? Ha! Then a couple of knick knacks or picture frames on top would add a homey, cozy touch. 🙂 I’m in love with your kitchen cabinets!

  2. Annette Parker says

    What do they use the tea ribbons for? I am thinking to tie on tea pictures. Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mary Butterworth says

    Just love the “Tea” ribbons ! If you don’t mind me asking, what are you charging for them ? Do you sell in a set or each ?

  4. Just heard today that Harmony Landing is having a warehouse sale on Friday! Their warehouse is in Homewood, and just so happens to be next door to Hannah Kate, which is also having a sample sale this week. Might be worth a drive…

  5. Thank you for the wonderful photography -very helpful. My friend uses ribbon to make key chain fobs to sell at football games. Her daughter is at the Coast Guard Academy andthe ribbons are stitched with the appropriate colors, logo etc. -The profits go to the parents’ group for their contributions and projects.
    I am a simple home embroiderer -no digitizing , no sales, but I do know a bit about decorating. Your kitchen needs some natural elements to soften the hard edges – how about a huge dry arrangement on the new credenza in the colors of Provence?? If not on top -in a huge, beautiful urn on the floor. Greenery is needed somewhere if you have enough light -no silk! Baskets would also count as natural.

    • Thanks for the tips! I definitely need some natural elements. It takes me forever to get anything done! HA! It took me 10 months to find the right piece. I’ll eventually get there! 🙂

  6. I’m going to use this technique to make hair ribbons for the grands!!!!

  7. I saw some really pretty pillows at Stein Mart (in Montgomery). They had several pieces of office/home supplies that look like your fabric in your sewing room. I took a picture and I planned on sharing it on your FB wall. I’ll have to do it today.

    Love the bench and your new cabinet!

  8. joanne roth says

    Thanks for the great idea re: sweet tea ribbons! so cute. we had a butterfly party for my daughter’s 4th birthday today and I embroidered a ribbon w/ “Butterfly Nectar” on the pitcher –it was super cute and the little girls were so excited to drink butterfly nectar. I’d love to send you a pic! Thanks again!

  9. Beverly Thompson says

    Hi Rosemary,

    Son married, daughter in college and I am getting my sewing room back together! Just purchased a babylock 6 needle endurance embroidery machine and ready to get on the applique train!
    I was looking to purchase Monogram wizard plus and found it on sew for less .com for 249.00.
    Then I found your blog and saw were you had a link to purchase and it was considerately more. I was wondering if this is the original software. Looking for advice!

    Bev Thompson

    • I believe $250 is about right for Monogram Wiz Plus! The higher price may have included the upgrade which allows you to merge?

  10. I had no idea you were so close to Homewood. I L-O-V-E At Home Furnishings, Siebels, Three Sheets and Harmony Landing!!! I go about once a week just to wander around aimlessly dreaming I live there! 😉 LOVE the piece you scored. It was definitely worth the wait! xoxo! Brooke

    • I hope to get up there again towards the end of the month! 🙂 Three Sheets is great too! I really like Harmony Landing!