Thank You!!

Thanks for all of the comments and emails and suggestions as to my Sewing Room! I got tons of great suggestions, most of which said to get out the paint brush! I’ve just removed the “junk” (camera bags, piled up artwork, kids games, etc.) from the top of my Expedit and in some of the cubbies. I was thinking step 1 might be to hide said junk and maybe that might help. Step 2 is going to be to visit the fabric store next week and rule out any other fabric. I LOVE the fabric I got and posted, but I honestly didn’t look much so I’d like to make sure there is nothing else out there that might not limit me to yellow and blue.

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins ~ sewing/craft rooms and all have the Expedit. These are all from my Sewing Room Ideas Board on Pinterest.

Black/brown Expedit ~ I’m not 100% sure what black-brown looks like in person, but I like it in this room! It looks good with the green (my desks?).  I also noticed the ribbon and tags (??) tied on the baskets. Someone suggested that!

 Again, green, black & white – colors similar to my room. p.s. my floors are a khaki carpet.

These walls appear to be white or a very light gray?? I like the decor up top – this is what made me clean off the JUNK! I like the baskets and lighting and pictures on top!

 OK… last night we took my mom to eat Mexican (surprise surprise) for her birthday and I drank 2 glasses of (caffeinated) sweet tea. After that we enjoyed some Nancy’s Italian Ice for dessert (side note: if you click on the Nancy’s link, that’s my Browder front & center – the top half of his face anyway, and those are his friends). We were home and in bed by 9:00, and I was comfy in my bed all night with my eyes closed most of the night, but I think I may have slept an hour or two. It was one of those nights where I looked at the clock and it was 10:00, 10:45, 11:30, 1:00, etc. all night long. I drove Browder to school at 7:00 and didn’t think I was going to make it home. I had 2 hot flashes and felt like I was going to puke!! After I got home and showered I was fine!? ANYWAY….. in my delusional half awake sleep I dreamed of the below picture. I decided I was going to find this or a similar fabric and I was going to paint my sewing room a lighter gray (someone on Pinterest also suggested this). Problem solved!! I had figured it out!! This is partially why I’m going to look at fabric one last time next week before I make any decisions, due to my dreams!!

I think everything lies in the fabric, so next week I’ll go check out my other options! Several people mentioned curtains. The room (or the wall w/ the windows) is really too small for curtains, but valances might be an option! Thanks again for everyone’s input! I really really appreciate it! Have a great weekend and I’ll update asap!


  1. Sandra Keesee says

    Rosemary, I am needing to know if the IKEA items are different that the ones I have seen at Target recently?

    • I think the Ikea Expedit is way nicer! They are very thick and heavy – not exactly sure what they are made of. Compared to Target they are very sturdy and even baskets going back & forth on them I’ve seen no scratches or anything!

  2. can you please share the color of the green paint you used on the walls of the green and black room?