THE Mighty Hoop

First and foremost, the master bath-de-Gulledge is D-O-N-E!! I know I got behind in my renovation posting and will try to catch up soon. It’s DONE and we have moved back in, but it needs some decorating before I post my final AFTERS. Here is a little peek at the before/after of the tub/vanity area. Again, nothing has been hung (tv, decor, artwork, etc.) so it’s a bit of a blank canvas right now. We are enjoying it immensely but had a bit of a crazy week last week so I haven’t had a chance to add some color yet! I’m pretty sure HGTV will be calling me soon…..IMG_9267-vert

Totally random, but I noticed a blog comment today that had to do with SCISSORS so I thought I would add that in here! For all these year I have preached about the Gingher 4″ curved embroidery scissors. They sell them at Joann and probably most sewing stores. Well…. maybe it’s my old age and poor eyesight lately, but I’ve started using the 5.5″ double curved scissors (Ginghers also) and I.LOVE.THEM! I think what happened was that my 4″ got dull after years of use so I got a new pair. They are sharp, but a little tighter and don’t trim as easy. It may be that they are not broken in yet? Anywho… I started using the bigger ones and now I like those better! Not sure what it is about the extra curve and 1.5″?? The big scissors below I use for cutting fabric and my big pieces of stabilizer. The blue handle ones are Brother scissors I think (they came w/ my machine in the little tool box). I use those for trimming the stabilizer around the applique (back) when I’m done, and also for when I am trimming inside of a design. They aren’t super sharp, so I pierce the fabric with them at an angle and then cut with my Ginghers.

photo (28)

I haven’t been doing much work lately b/c of the craziness going on at Casa de Gulledge ~ renovations, travel soccer management and family stuff (my dad was in the hospital for several days last week and goes home tomorrow from the therapy rehab facility). I have a friend in ATL who asked me to do a few baby gift items for her and told me the colors were navy blue light blue, gray and white. I REALLY like those colors together after sewing a few things! It has also been raining here in Montgomery for like the past month, so these pics were taken inside and don’t do the items justice! LOVE the colors! 🙂 Anchors and whales were the theme also.

IMG_9312 IMG_9310

Now on to the title of my post…. MIGHTY {magnetic} HOOPS! I recently got the 7.25″ x 7.25″ and finally got around to trying it out! It is SO EASY to use and I’ve taken a few pics along the way for this post!! First of all, they are magnetic and REALLY STRONG, hence the warnings….. I haven’t gotten pinched yet but I can see how it can easily happen! They are STRONG. I like the size of the 7.25″ x 7.25″ also b/c I typically stitch 5×7 designs and it gives me a little extra room for initials or a name. There is also a pacemaker warning on it…..

photo 2 (15)-horz

Here is the bottom frame. All you have to do is get it in place and the magnets do the rest!

photo 1 (11)

I did my burp cloths using the MIGHTY HOOP and it was super easy! Burps can be thick and hard to hoop. With the MH, no wrinkling or hoop burn! As you can see, I got the burp cloth on top of the bottom of the hoop. You just have to make sure it’s straight.

photo 2 (12)

Just hold the top of the hoop frame over it, and BAM it snaps in place. Very easy!

photo 1 (13)

They go on the machine just like Fast Frames. You just have to make sure you check your boundaries to make sure the needle is not going to hit anything. Unlike Fast Frames – no sticky stabilizer is needed!

photo 2 (14)

You may notice that Bentley is in navy blue down below. When I did the baby gifts the first go-around, I had navy and gray in my head (which looks great together also by the way…). If anyone knows of a baby boy named Bentley, I have a bib and burp cloth available…..

The MIGHTY HOOP also works great on bibs!

photo 3 (11)

photo 4 (12)

I also used the MIGHTY HOOP on a Market Tote. I typically use Sticky Stabilizer and Fast Frames, but the MH was easy and worked great and I didn’t have to peel “sticky” off of anything!

photo 4 (11)

This is Monogram Wizard Plus “MC Center” H (I made it wider than usual) plus some motif ends which are also done in Monogram Wizard Plus!

photo 5 (5)

I got my Mighty Hoop from (search: mighty hoop) and you can find demo videos on Youtube HERE! They also have some videos at under Product Demonstration Videos – click HERE. They sell a variety of sizes sort of like the Durkees. Anyway, I look forward to using them more as I get time to do more work!

Did anyone get to go to the Everything Embroidery Market last weekend in Chattanooga? I was so sad to have missed it! I realized several weeks ago that with the renovation and our soccer schedule that I was not going to be able to wiggle my nose and appear there for the weekend. On top of all that with my dad being in the hospital, I would not have made it anyway. I have seen tons of pictures and have heard nothing but great reviews, so I hope you all had fun and that they will do it again!

Have a great weekend! OH… I will work on the ORGANIZATION post ASAP with the feedback I got from my last post! I got some GREAT Tips!! One idea I had was to go ahead and get your next project ready while your machine is sewing. DON’T jump on Facebook because you will get sucked in to “15 Ways To Bond With Your Daughter” and then next thing you know 45 minutes has passed and you’ve done 1 burp cloth. Go ahead and iron the stabilizer on the bib you plan to work on next. Go ahead and iron the applique fabric and iron Heat N Bond Lite on it so it’ll be READY! If you have extra hoops, you could go ahead and hoop it! I would get a lot more done if I could discipline myself to think ahead and actually do stuff while my machine is sewing! photo (22)

One more time…. have a GREAT weekend! We have been out of town for soccer tournaments the past 2 weekends, so we are looking forward to being HOME. 🙂


  1. hi, I noticed the market tote is not fully hooped- the item doesn’t bounce, move, or shift with the top part not being hooped?

    • Enough of the tote was in the hoop to make it secure! When doing something bulky like that, I usually stand here and watch it and make sure it’s stitching OK and not bounching.

  2. Bathroom looks great! I like the tile at an angle and the color of the cabinets.

    The baby gifts are super cute! Where is that bib from? Very cute stitched pattern on it.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Do you have to buy the “arm” piece for the mighty hoops like you do for the fast frames?

  4. Gail Bookout says

    Love the bathroom makeover! What a mess to go through. Am about to finish our second one!

    How much wider did you make the H in mc center?


  5. I always enjoy reading your post! Your bathroom looks great! We had our tile laid at an angle when we remodeled- my husband and I were talking to the guy we were buying it from & i asked about adding the glass tiles in between some of them- You should have seen my husbands face- He thought,”this will be expensive.” But it cost us under $50 and looks like we spent lots of money. Lol! I love remodeling- Even the small things can be the best changes! You will feel like a princess in there.haha.

    The magnet frames are really neat! I want one now.frown. I got to see and talk to someone at the conference this weekend about them- The conference was fun- however, the weather had me a little worried. We had some people really affected Sat in our area (TN) with storms- as I type this- they are still w/out power etc…and still need assistance- not to mention animals that had to be temporarily sheltered. My heart breaks for them!

    • I bet the glass tiles in between are pretty! Bathrooms are expensive!! 🙂 Yes I hate I missed the conference! 🙁 Maybe next time!

  6. Carole Smith says

    Have enjoyed watching the transformation of your home! What color are the walls in the bathroom in the after picture?

    I may have to invest in the might hoops. Just doing away with the sticky stabilizer used with fast frames would be worth it. Do you have trouble getting the piece where you want it?

    So sorry about you Dad. Praying he is well on the way to complete recovery.

  7. She will still love the navy bib anyway – or save it for his first birthday! 🙂 What kind of iron on stabilizer do you use, & when? I usually get the cutaway or tearaway. Does it come off afterwards? I have a new magnetic hoop but I am not sold on it yet…guess I need more practice on it. Big bathroom improvement, by the way!

    • I use Pellon Fuse N Tear usually – I buy it when they have notions sales at Joann. It’s like paper w/ a shiny side, and it peels right off when you are done. I use it on anything that I DON’T want stabilizer left on, so towels, blankets, bibs, burp cloths.

  8. Hi Rosemary,

    Thank you for blogging! I enjoy your tips and posts!!!

    I have enjoyed my fast frames but very interested in Mighty Hoops. I checked out the You Tube MH videos and I am not sure what to order. What do you suggest for someone just starting out with Mighty Hoops? Thanks so much!

    • I would probably pick a size that you think you would use the most! They are easy to use but it just depends on what size you think you need.

  9. Love your bathroom remodel!
    What are the colors of threads (blue and gray) you used on the adorable baby items?
    Thank you for all the great info on the Mighty Hoop.

  10. Kathy Trammel says

    I am interested in the Mighty Hoop but I was wondering if you have to buy the Hoop Master to use it on most things. If you have to buy the Hoop Master to use it, that makes it so expensive. Would love to be able to use only the hoops. Thanks for any information.

    • Kathy, I do not have the Hoop Master and I have been using the Mighty Hoop (mine is 7.25″ x 7.25″) on lots of things! I agree the whole station is an investment and would be great later on. But, for now the Mighty Hoop is great all by itself!! I have done bibs, burp cloths, market totes, bags, etc. with it!

      • Im glad she asked this bc i was wondering if we had to buy the “hooping system” yikes- that is pricey! Good to know we can buy the might hoops separate. The video seems to make you think you need the system.

        The bottom part of hoop(under shirt) doesn’t shift on you when attaching it?

        I thought a 9×9 fast frame was out now- an’i dreaming that one? LOl

        Thank you for the post.

        • The bottom part may shift a little if you aren’t careful, but you just pull it apart, get it straight and try again! It’s easier w/ thicker stuff for sure! I use mine all the time and I have no system.

  11. I bought three Mighty Hoops and hooping stations from at the Everything EmbroIdery Market in Chattanooga. So far we are in love with them! They are so quick to use, so easy to hoop different items. We liked them so much that I ordered two more sizes last week. They arrived within two days. Quick service, nice folks to deal with. I also missed getting to meet you at the market, maybe next year!

  12. I can’t seem to get my mighty hoop to allow me to use the Area for even a 5×7 design. I can’t figure it out.

  13. Ann Harrell says

    Where do you buy your diapers for burp cloths? I had some I loved from Stitched and Stamped, but their website is no longer active.

    Thanks so much!

    • I bought my last pack from – OsoCozy is the brand – Chinese Prefold and be sure to get Regular size (not infant). I think it’s $30 for a dozen and they are Prime if you have Amazon Prime.

  14. Happy Thayer says

    I’ve been ordering diapers from Cotton Babies. I get the Chinese regular prefolded white ones.
    I prewash them and then spend hours ironing them before stitching on them. Does anyone have a better source for buying diapers that don’t wrinkle up so much? Thanks, Happy

  15. Joni Thurmond says

    I hate to sound dumb – but I am interesting in purchasing the mighty hoops. My question is — when using the mighty hoop on tote bags… you really don’t have to worry about the finding the “center” correct?

    You would just place the bottom piece inside the tote (where you want it) and just placed the top hoop on top and it does not move and this will be centered correct??? I am a newbie and by watching the videos it appears that it is not much to centering when completing totes.

    Please let me know if this is correct. PS love how you take photos of every details while demonstrating. I am a visual person and this helps me out a lot.


    • I always mark the center of whatever I am embroidering – tote bags too. Then I TRY to hoop centered but if I am off, I line up my lead needle with the center mark to make sure the monogram or design will be centered. Does that make sense? I would mark your center just to be sure, at least until you become a pro at mighty hoops! 🙂