Sewing Room Update

Not a whole lot to report. I DID go to the fabric store today (Montgomery is seriously lacking in this department). I also DID find the below fabric (from my dream) after someone told me they had it at the fabric store I usually have to go to because it’s all we got!! (OK, it’s King Cotton). But, I’m afraid the green didn’t jive so much with my green desks (I took a green knob with me). I spent a good 45 minutes milling around looking at fabric and left without a single sample to bring home. Greens are hard!

 So…. I’m back to this fabric, so I decided to “pin” it up above the window with 2 thumb tacks to see if some type of valance might work for the 2 windows and add some somethin’ somethin’ to this room. This wall is pretty small, so I’m thinking curtains might be too much and too bulky. They would have to be very thin panels if I went the curtain route. So, I am going to look at this for a day or two (or a week) and then go from there. I am still considering painting the room. With that being said, this room is pretty small so I’m afraid to do anything crazy! Plus, this is the room to the right as you walk in our front door. I don’t want anything too nuts. I’m leaning towards a creamy or natural color paint color ~ something with just enough color to offset the white trim and enough to make the creamy-white Expedit stand out. Maybe something along the lines of the natural basket color was suggested. The background of this fabric is actually a little creamy so I think it would work! Browder’s room is painted Elephant Tusk so I might even try some on one of the walls. The jury is still out on that!

Here is a current view of this wall. If I do the valances hopefully the TV can come out from the wall/corner a tad!

 I have to say I’m feeling the guilt after stating that I threw my applique samples away after new designs are listed. I USED to keep them, and then found that I had 2 drawers full of pieces of stabilizer with designs on them that I never looked at or used. I’m thinking of what else I can do with them!

I have also been feeling guilty that a year ago, all I wanted to do was sell our house so I could have a sewing room. We sold our house and moved (twice) and I have my sewing room, and all I do is sit around whining about how it’s not decorated the way I want it to be!! I BLAME PINTEREST!

On another subject I finished Catching Fire last night, which is book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy. I have not bought book 3 yet, Mockingjay I think?, but plan to do so this week! Can’t wait for the movie to come out!!

Thank you again for all the great suggestions and comments that came in! They are all still stored in the back of my head!


  1. Allyson lester says

    Hello! I take all my test appliques and iron heat n bond ultra on them and sell them on esty as iron ons.:)

  2. Not much fabric stores in Prattville either!

  3. Rosemary–do you have the name and maker of the fabric in the curtains above? That pattern is absolutely beautiful!! If you have that info to share I would be appreciative!

  4. We have our bedroom TV mounted on the wall with a mount similar to this:

    We can push it flush to the wall when we aren’t watching it, or pull it out and turn it right to see from out sitting area, or left to see from our bed. Maybe something like that would work to pull your TV far enough away from the topper?

    I think a soft basket-type color would look really good, and would set off the desk, trim, etc. The great thing about paint is that it’s not so expensive that you can’t experiment!

  5. Stitch your samples on squares of white fabric. Then when you have enough, make a quilt for a child going through some kind of trauma in their life. It will become the one thing they have that is especially made for them. Kids go through so many life changing and hurting things…it only takes a little to lift them up. A house burns, a parent or family member dies, there is a serious illness, an accident, etc.

    • That’s a good idea! I used to use white fabric.

      • Holley Perkins says

        This is a great idea! I have been saving all of my daughter’s monogrammed clothes, bibs, burp cloths, etc since she was born to make her a quilt and now that she is starting to outgrow the monogrammed and applique things I am piecing together a customized quilt from her things. Of course, I won’t use all of them but I think she will think it is special one day and I can put the stuff to good use instead of continuing to store it in a storage tote.

  6. It’ll get there! At least you aren’t painting & repainting bc you’ve changed your mind, as i’ve been guilty of in the past! Do you by chance know the brand & color of your crown molding? We are in the middle of a huge reno/addition, & all of our trim will need repainting. Our current color is too glossy & too white!

    • I’m not sure what our molding is – when we redid our kitchen our contractor somehow got paint to match (although it was a little glossier than what was in here before).

  7. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE book 3. Crazy good, and can’t wait for the movies either. 🙂

    As to Pinterest… geesh… I never knew I could become so confused so easily lol… good progress, love reading the updates. 🙂

  8. Rosemary…..have you considered painting your walls a pale blue…..I love blue and green together. Maybe if you take a drawer to the paint store they could help you pick a color….some stores like a Benjamin Moore usually have a decorator….I personally like the historical colors. Just a thought!! Wish you lived in Bham, Id drag my decorator daughter to your house and end all of this craziness!! hahaha!!

  9. Do you know what happened to the Richtex Fabrics in Montgomery. I stopped there several times when passing through and the last time I was there it was gone. They had lots of choices in drapery and upholstery and they shipped fabric to me once also.

  10. Check out Craftaholics Anonymous Their craft room has your fabric. Might give you some ideas.

  11. I agree . . . paint the walls a pale blue – it will soften the white and look great with the green desks. I have the fabric from your dream room in my kitchen and LOVE it!

  12. I still love your sunny happy fabric! It matches your desks and just makes you smile!! I agree you do not have room for curtains. If you have enough fabric I would hang the valance almost to the crown and down to just over the top of the molding on the windows. As small as that wall is I think I would just use one valance the whole length of the wall. If you don’t want to go with the blue from the fabric then I think a basket color would be nice and give enough contrast to make it more appealing. Just go buy some testers and give it a go!! I like to paint a piece of poster board or something similar instead of the wall. Don’t give up!! You can do it!

    About those testers……what about donating them to a local Headstart or other day care and let the kids use them for artwork projects? Being on stabilizer wouldn’t matter. I like the idea of turning them into iron on patches too.

  13. For the past several years our bedroom and bath have been painted Behr’s Classic Taupe. It makes a good neutral background. The trim is Behr’s Cottage White (I’m painting ALL our trim that color – someday). The room has lots of red, with some greens and blues mixed in. I may paint several other rooms that color I like it so much.